Beauty Haul

Home, Fashion & Beauty Haul

With all the end of season sales I went a little bit crazy and bought tons of things for my apartment, clothing & beauty stuff.  I am now on a spending ban (after I buy some things from America) because I should be putting all my money toward the wedding but the sales, they call my name!

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Product empties - bourjois healthy mix foundation


It’s that time again, where I rifle through my own trash and talk about it, or better known as an empties “Product Empties” video.  I’ve seen plenty of these videos on YouTube and actually really love hearing each person’s honest opinion because there’s not one product that absolutely everyone will love.

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Breakfast Restaurants in Hermanus: Betty Blue

Sweet Breakfast spots in Hermanus: Betty Blue

If you’re following me on Instagram, Snapchat, Instagram Stories or Twitter – basically if you only ever read my blog then you won’t know about the little trip LéFiancé and I took to Hermanus this weekend.  At the beginning of this year, we attended a pre-marriage course, this may be weird for you, or it may be something you’ve never heard of if you aren’t involved in or attend a church, but for us it’s very normal.

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MAC Starter Kit - south african blogger

MAC Starter Kit

I’ve wanted to do this for a good few months but have always felt like I just didn’t have absolutely everything I needed but finally it’s here, my MAC starter kit. A video showing you the basics for if you’re starting out with makeup and would like to collecting MAC.

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Wass Skin South Africa - Spring Body Balm & Body Treatment Oil

Celebrating 1 000 Subscribers with Wass Skin

By now you guys know my issues with dry skin or more aptly known as scales for skin.  It’s a family thing, my dad gave both my sister and I the lovely gift of reptile skin.  I will admit though that I’m not the best at moisturising my skin on a regular basis. So when I found this new skincare from Wass Skin for extremely dry skin I’m all ears.

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