September 18, 2018

I’m going to elegantly breeze past the fact that there hasn’t been a new post on here in 2 months and skip over to the life update part.  Recently I read a post by Lily Pebbles about where she’s at with blogging and it really resonated with me because the blog has always been my first baby but somehow it constantly gets neglected and I’m not even sure that people are taking the time to read posts anymore, I know I haven’t read a full post since Lily’s, so why would you?


So even though this space on the internet is my least viewed I would still like to keep it going because I love writing product reviews, jotting down my thoughts on life and generally the fun I have taking pictures and curating a post.  Having said that, what can you expect from me?  I want to write about things that I’m genuinely interested in like beauty, life, marriage, fashion, home decor and probably one day my bratty kids.  Before you ask, I’m not pregnant and not looking to be anytime soon!


So let’s start this conversation as if we’re best friends that haven’t spoken in two months and I’ll give you a brief update.



I went through a long phase where I wasn’t sure how to integrate beauty back into my content or even if I should.  I’ve created a corner of the internet where I can be honest about more than just products and I didn’t know if product reviews, life chats, and body positivity content could play well together.  Surprisingly I’ve missed it, & funnily enough even coming from a creature of habit, I’ve gotten bored of using the same products over and over again.  So expect to see more product reviews over here.  In fact I have one coming up tomorrow!



Not much to report here, I’m still the jeans & a t-shirt girl that wants to be comfortable and look good.  About a year ago I started following Emma Hill who is a self professed denim lover but somehow still manages to make her day to day outfits seem interesting so it’s been really refreshing to get styling tips and updated ways to style your favourite denims.  Speaking of favourite denims, I recently picked up a pair from Cotton On and they are WONDERFUL!  If you’re unsure about the high waisted, tucked t-shirt look or are self-conscious about the lower tummy roll, you need to try these before you completely give up on the trend.  Take a peek at what they look like on me, here.


life update, Lechelle Aldridge, South African Blogger



You may know, if you’ve read my last post or if you’re keeping up with my videos that we recently moved into our new apartment.  Our new, significantly smaller apartment (watch this video to full grasp what I mean) but also equally beautiful loft apartment.  I can happily say that it felt like home within the first week of us living here, well actually from when the plant babies arrived – plants really do make a place feel more homey!  I’ve also managed to find sneaky little hiding spots for annoying things like the vacuum & washing line which secretly makes me feel more accomplished than it should but I’m embracing it.  So now that we’re officially in, to the point that we even have things on the wall, I would like to start sharing some decluttering, living with less and storage tips with you guys, if you’re interested?



My healthy eating has taken a huge hit with the move and our lack of planning, so we’ve eaten way more McDonalds meals then I’d care to admit.  I can confidently say that before this stint I probably had McDonalds once a year, if that, purely because I know there’s ZERO nutritional substance and it does bad things to my body.  So having gotten that off my chest I can now move on and get back on track with healthy eating and yoga (which also hasn’t happened during the move).


Those are a few of my updates, for now!  Any interesting life updates on your end or blog post recommendations, comment below 🙂

Ps, tomorrow I’l have a Summer fragrance review going live.

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Sheri-Leigh September 25, 2018 - 9:56 PM

I still enjoy reading your blog posts, sometimes if I am in the shop and trying to remember a review you’ve written of a product I’d like to try. It’s easier to search on your blog.

Suggestions for blog or video:

Why you started blogging and the steps you took to change from a thought into action.

Le'Chelle October 3, 2018 - 11:12 AM

Thank you!! So glad you still enjoy the blog (even though its been super inconsistent)! 🙂
I think it would be great to start a series chatting about blog tips – how to start, paid vs free, etc.

Really appreciate the suggestion 🙂


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