Black Friday Done The Minimalist Way

November 10, 2019
Black Friday Done The Minimalist Way

I can’t believe we’re talking about Black Friday already – it feels like yesterday when I was creating Black Friday Instagram stories last year! I don’t know about you but I’ve been inundated with ad’s trying to entice me to shop and I tend to get super overwhelmed with all the options. Do you feel the same?

So I’ve partnered with Superbalist again this year to chat about my Black Friday wishlist but before we get into that I want to add a quick disclaimer about consumerism and over shopping/spending. As most of you know I’ve been working on living a more minimalist lifestyle which includes all facets of life. So with each purchase I’ve put more consideration and thought into “do I ACTUALLY want/need this?” / “is this going to add value?” / “do I really love this or do I just love that it’s on sale?” / “will I still have/love this item in a few years?”.

Just in case you don’t know much about minimalism – it isn’t about having nothing but rather loving the items you have and putting more consideration into your purchases and not spending out of societal obligation. Check out this podcast or the minimalist documentary on Netflix to learn a bit more about it.

So this year instead of buying more, I will be making considered purchases for pieces that I love and that will last! This year I thought I’d focus on home decor and fashion so I’ve put together a curated list of items I have my eye on at the moment.

Remember the following three tips for Black Friday shopping with Superbalist:

Download the Superbalist shopping app from the App or Play store to start adding items to your wishlist.

Create your wishlist before Black Friday to make the checkout process easier on the day.

Remember to keep checking their sales from Friday 29 November – Monday 2 December for new offers.


This is the area I really struggle with maintaining a minimalist lifestyle which is even more reason to stick to it and only buy the items that make the final cut.

Me&Be linen look suit // Cotton On Piper sling back sandals

Everything about this combination from the warm tones, to the linen blend and natural material sandals scream summer to me. Although I don’t usually enjoy summer this makes me excited for warmer weather.

Adidas Yung-96 Chasm sneakers // Missguided blazer

Blazers, jeans and chunky trainers are all I’ve been wearing recently because they’re easy to style and super comfy. This dusty pink blazer is great for pairing with other tonal pieces to create a monochrome look with chunky trainers. I won’t be buying these trainers because I recently bought a pair of Vejas and they’re basically all I wear but if you’re looking for a more inexpensive all-white trainer to add to your wardrobe, this is a beaut!

Missguided oversized co-ord // Ray Ban Hexagonal sunglasses

This combination gives me all the travel vibes with this comfy co-ord set and similarly toned Ray Bans. I’v been eyeing (no pun intended) these Ray Bans for some time and I think Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to finally get my hands on them.

The Skin Co face oil // Superbalist tired dress

Glowing healthy skin and summer florals are on the cards for me. I’ve used this Skin Co oil throughout winter and my skin has never been better! Since starting this minimalism journey I’ve been trying to find pieces that can be styled many different ways to really get the wear out of them.


We’ve been in our new apartment for over a year now (how crazy?!) and we it still feels kind of incomplete. I don’t know if our home will ever feel done done, but I’m still looking for key pieces to bring everything together.

Aura Purity Diffuser // Sixth Floor Raven Tufted rug

I’ve been doing research on diffusers and essential oils for months and I’ve been wanting to invest in a diffusers but some are just really ugly but this one is simply beautiful! Another beautiful item is this dupe for an otherwise expensive Beni Ourain rug but this one is only R1999 without any Black Friday discounts! This is quite a similar dupe for the rug I have in my lounge so if you’re the hunt for something similar to mine, this looks great!

Sixth Floor Georgia hanging planter // Sixth Floor Bamboo table

If you’ve been watching my vlogs for some time you’ll know that our last apartment was filled with plants and although our current apartment is much smaller we still love the vibe plants bring to a space. We have a hanging plant in our lounge but it’s in one of those HIDEOUS garden store plastic pots so we desperately need to switch that out. Perhaps with something sleek like this planter from Sixth Floor.

When we initially moved in I wanted to go SUPER modern with our furniture but having been in the space for a year I think we could definitely do with some natural textures and elements because the fixtures are really modern this will make it feel more lived-in. Plus I’m obsessed with anything rattan!

Yamazaki Cable box // Yamazaki Tower clothing rack

These are more about practicality but still very much necessary. We have one main plug point in our lounge and it’s chaos because we always have laptops, watches and phones charging. That corner really irks me so I this cable box will save us so much bickering in the long run – can you tell it’s a point of contention? lol.

I’ve really gotten into creating styling videos with the items I have in my wardrobe to share the accessibility of living a minimalist lifestyle and this would be the perfect addition to those videos. I think it would look great in the videos and I could also use it to plan out my outfits for the week to eliminate stress in the morning.

Sixth Floor Rae rattan mirror // Stacher reusable silicone bag

This mirror is an almost perfect dupe for the one we have in our apartment The one I get numerous questions about so if you’ve asked about my mirror nows the chance to get your very own one!

I’ve been lusting after these Stacher bags for months now and to be honest they’r really inexpensive so I have no idea why I haven’t bought them, but Black Friday is the perfect time to finally add these to my cart. They’re essentially silicone storage bags that can be washed, reused and even used to freeze food. A great option if you’re trying to reduce single use plastics in our household.

Please leave a comment telling me what you’re eyeing on Superbalist this Black Friday (mostly because I’m inquisitive and also because I might want to add it to my wishlist). Also if you buy any of these items tag my pn Instagram so I can see! P.S. If you’ like to see my current Superbalist wishlist click here.

Check out the three tips above and happy shopping from the comfort of your couch this Black Friday!

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