Currently Stalking: Vivianna Does Makeup

October 14, 2015
Currently Stalking: Vivianna Does Makeup

I’ve written one of these posts before and they’re not too frequent because I’m a creature of habit, If I love it I’m coming back over & over again!  This friends is a post dedicated to a blogger/Youtuber that I’m currently stalking and yes, I mean stalking, it’s not a casual affair.  I’m talking binoculars in the bushes stalking.

My equivalent of this is stalking on Instagram, watching ALL past videos, checking out her related friends  Instagram feeds (yup!) and scourging through blog post after blog post.  Vivianna Does Makeup has found a special place on my favourites list and Wednesday/Sunday evening routine.

Her fun, quirky personality is what draws me in, almost creating an atmosphere of chilling on the couch chatting to a good friend.  That’s what I look for in YouTubers, a calm, fun approach to the normal bits, because morning routines can only differ so much.  Her blog photo’s inspire me to take time in styling my pictures and she fans my love for marble – what more could I need?

If you’re looking for a regular, fun, chatty friend-like beauty writeup or not too in-ya-face (recycled from Anna) YouTuber, she’s a good one to check out.  You’ll find product reviews, seasonal edits, makeup tutorials, mixed in with some food or house bits – I love it!

Ps, she’s british – hence the London bus in the picture.

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