Hello NIFTY250, lets be friends!

April 10, 2015
Hello NIFTY250, lets be friends!


If you haven’t heard of Nifty250 I’m not sure where you’ve been, but there’s grace for that, I still love you!  The big thing is, they’re a great young company that has an amazing community of people that follow & love them.  Somehow they’ve kind of created a rather large insta-family & it’s really something I admire. Nifty has a great product and even better customer relations – which is why I applied for the job they advertised about 2 weeks ago.  

Here’s the best part, I get to be a part of the amazing Nifty family! In short: I GOT THE JOB!!!!  

So if you email Nifty & get a response from ‘LeChelle’, that’s me so be nice!  

And do yourself a favor, order some prints because what’s the point of just throwing back to last week?  Print your pictures and look at them around your home or office.  Also you can print some pictures for your mum or you special person for birthdays or big occasions.  Basically it’s really cool!  

I wrote about Nifty250 in my Valentines Day post and if you’re keen to print your pictures, go here


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