Sweet Breakfast spots in Hermanus: Betty Blue

August 13, 2016
Sweet Breakfast spots in Hermanus: Betty Blue

If you’re following me on Instagram, Snapchat, Instagram Stories or Twitter – basically if you only ever read my blog then you won’t know about the little trip LéFiancé and I took to Hermanus this weekend.  At the beginning of this year, we attended a pre-marriage course, this may be weird for you, or it may be something you’ve never heard of if you aren’t involved in or attend a church, but for us it’s very normal.

Breakfast Restaurants in Hermanus: Betty Blue

Breakfast Restaurants in Hermanus: Betty Blue

It’s a pre-marriage course that our church facilitates and I would highly recommend it to anyone getting married soon.  Anyway, that’s not what this post is about.  During the course they ask questions about finances and what you each think is necessary & what’s a luxury.  To my surprise we both said weekend’s away were a necessity & since then we’ve been away twice.  This last weekend we  went to Hermanus for a chilled weekend and to view our wedding venue (YAY!).

I recently saw that Tori (from Kiss Blush & Tell) was in Hermanus so obviously I asked for suggestions on places to eat because her option is gold!  She recommended  Burgundy/Tapas for dinner & Betty Blue for breakfast.  So I thought why not pass on the wealth of restaurant knowledge and tell you a few places you should visit when you’re in a certain area.

I love those sweet little ouma-run cafes in small towns but there a special place in my heart for cafes with great food, fun decor and a clean white aesthetic.  Betty Blue fits the latter description with amazing light streaming into the restaurant, clean white tables with tapered legs (the way to my heart) and yellow accents.  The restaurant bustles with the sound of people chatting and laughing kids – so if you have kids this is still a spot for you (not too many precious breakables).

The food is delicious with the added benefit of being Instagrammable.  I ordered the bacon baked in flapjacks with brie cheese, figs & honey – yoh this was good!  There was a rasher of bacon baked into each of the three flapjacks which was really cool & different.  LéFiancé went the safe route with Eggs Benedict in pancakes.  He said the pancakes were actually a really good addition – so that’s a thumbs up.

They seem to specialize in adding pancakes to almost everything and it actually sounds pretty good.  I also spotted some dessert pancakes like lemon meringue or apple crumble pancakes – drool!  I also had the Yellow Juice which came in a sweet console jar.

Overall I’ve completely fallen for this place and will have to visit every time I’m in Hermanus.  Weirdly enough, I like the yellow decor, it adds a little bit of personality.


If you’ve visited Betty Blue or have nay suggestions on places I should write reviews about leave me a comment!

Also let me know what you think about these little restaurant reviews every now & then.

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