MAC Lipstick Crazy

November 18, 2014
MAC Lipstick Crazy

It’s no secret that I have a very public love affair with MAC cosmetics!  They have a beautiful range of colours in lipstick’s, eyeshadows, pigments, you name it, they have it!

I was the little high school girl who walked into MAC and basically just drooled over anything and everything my eyes could see.  I’m pretty sure, looking back now, having some of the MAC girls as friends now, and hearing the stories about people who visit the stores, I was one of the love-sick puppies, that couldn’t buy anything but tested it all.  I usually left with a hand/arm full of lipstick and eyeshadow tester marks.

So naturally when I started working the first thing I bought was MAC!  Also, I give a lot of credit to LeBoyfriend who indulged my affair with MAC and kindly bought me one MAC item every month for at least a year, if not longer.  So he is pretty much the reason why my collection is where it is today! I am MAC Lipstick crazy…

Now MAC is one of my favourite makeup brands and I actually struggled at first, to try out any other brands because I was so loyal to them, and still are.  But I do shop around a bit more now!


Here it is, my sordid love affair with MAC lipsticks, on show for all the world to see…


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