MrP Home NEW IN Stationery & Gifting Range

September 8, 2017
MrP Home NEW IN Stationery & Gifting Range

About a month ago MrP Home sent me a wonderful box filled with some of their new stationery, home, gifting & travel items. They have a wide range of fun, pretty, functional & cool items that I want to fill my home with.  As you guys know, I work from home so after the wedding we converted one of our spare bedrooms into a home office.

I’ve been eyeing a few items in the range for my office & I thought I’d share a couple of my favourites with you.


I think you guys know my love for beautiful fragrances and more importantly home fragrances.  Everyones home as a scent and it kind of annoys me that you can’t smell your own scent but I always get compliments when we have new visitors, so I’m happy.  If you’re just moving into a new place or friends are getting married this always makes for a wonderful gift.  MrP Home have extended their range of candles & diffusers and let me tell you, they have some wonderful new scents.  Also if you’re heading off on an overseas adventure you can find all the travel accessories you need in this range.


This is my opinion, is where this range really shines, but that might also be because I’m still trying to complete my office decor so this makes me very excited!  I love the wide range of notebooks from lovely florals, animated jungle prints & varying marble.  I currently have the marble shopping list notepad on my fridge and it’s been such a help for Sean & I because we are really bad at just going crazy at the store & then can’t even put together five meals.

And how cool is that tiger eraser?  I think I need it!  I also have my eye on the blue coasters & those awesome crane scissors – purely for decor purposes.


As someone that takes gift wrapping very seriously this makes me happier than I’d like to admit.  Sean used to wrap gifts in newspaper before we were married which bugs me so very much because I am crazy about gift wrapping!  I love the playfulness of the tiger pattern & simplicity of the swan print is perfect for a baby shower.  I actually bought a swan gift box for a friends bridal shower and to be honest the wrapping was half the fun of gift.  Unwrapping a pretty gift just makes me so damn happy.

I don’t know if you can tell but this blog post has made me so happy & awfully excited for the next bridal/baby shower or birthday.  Tell me in the comments if there’s anything in this range that gets you really excited.

Ps, the water bottle you guys have seen on my InstaStories or vlogs is from this range & it’s the best!

You can shop MrP Home in store or online.

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