Summer Fragrance Review

October 3, 2018
Summer Fragrance Review

This might be slightly premature considering we’re still in Spring but I thought I’d give you a heads up on my Summer fragrance list so you can get your hands on these fragrances before Summer rolls around.  Now we all know that I’m not a huge fan of Summer but one of the things that gets me somewhat excited for warmer days are Summer fragrances.  Our memories are often attached to scents, be it your mothers fragrance, walking into your childhood home or a period in our lives.   I love that a scent can evoke so much memory so for me I like to carefully select my Summer and Winter fragrances because I know they’ll remind me of that time in my life.


Summer Fragrance Review - Narciso Rodriguez Fleur Musc, Lush Rentless, Mugler Alien Flora Futura & Michael Kors Wonderlust Sensual Essence


So now that I’ve explained my weird love fragrances let chat about the ones I’ll be reaching for this Summer.  Around this time of year I often opt for a sweeter scent, something with more citrus or feminine over a strong musky scent.


Michael Kors Wonderlust Sensual Essence Review

Michael Kors Wonderlust Sensual Essence – (R1 035 – R1 695)

I’d describe this as a sweet, fruity feminine scent perfect for cocktails on a warm Summer evening.  A more sophisticated sweet rather than teenage, painful headache sweet.  This is a long-lasting scent (on me) and I always get wonderful compliments when I wear this fragrance.


Brand Description:  Michael Kors Wonderlust Sensual Essence is inspired by the exhilaration of a new adventure. It combines fresh notes of Nashi pear and black cherry with lush orange blossom, finishing with warm suede and amber for an irresistibly rich scent.


Top notes: Pink pepper, pear, sour cherry & peony.

Middle notes:  Jasmine & orange blossom.

Base notes: Amber, cashmere, wood & suede.


Thierry Mugler Alien Flora Futura fragrance review

Mugler Alien Flora Futura EDT – (R765 – R995)

As someone that’s not drawn to the Mugler Alien scents I was surprised at how much I love this.  This is a lot more subtle in comparison to the original Alien fragrance with fresh white floral and woody undertone.  It’s wonderfully soft and inoffensive – the kind of fragrance that could suit almost any women.  I love the soft romantic feeling this evokes when I wear it.


Brand Description:  The Alien-classic jasmine sambac is replaced by a unique flower that blossoms on a cactus only at night, while notes of sandalwood exude a creamy, soft, enveloping signature. A women’s perfume that unleashes fresh, crisp, sparkling notes.


Top notes: Buddha Wood & Citron.

Middle notes: Night blooming Cereus.

Base notes: Sandalwood & white amber.


Narciso Rodriguez Fleur Musc For Her Review

Narciso Rodriguez Fleur Musc For Her – (R1 425 – R 1995)

Imagine smelling a bouquet of pink roses in the heat of Summer – that’s what you experience with this scent.  An indulgence of fresh rose with a soft musk undertone.  Whenever I wear this I feel like a graceful women on a Summer holiday exploring the south of France on my bicycle, complete with baguette in my basket, obviously.  The packaging is something fresh and vibrant for Narciso and they’ve nailed it with this pink, it’s the perfect shade of bold provocative pink.  Definitely a scent that can be worn during the day, and will last you till late into the evening.


Brand Description: Strong and sensual sprinkles of pink pepper cut through the elegant floral core of rose and peony. As the spiciness simmers within the velveteen petals in the heart, this seductive twist sparks a warm embrace from the base of patchouli and amber. An explosive combination that glows every bit as brightly as her natural beauty.


Top notes: Pink pepper.

Middle notes: Rose, peony & musk.

Base notes: Patchouli, Amber & Violet.


Lush Rentless – (R445 – R875)

The most citrus of all citrus scents that there ever was!  Inside the beautifully branded bottle is a mixture of what I can only describe as fresh citrus & beautifully aged leather.  You can tell the immense love I have for this scent by the dent I’ve made in it.  I’m so excited to spritz this on warm Summer days (the few we’ve had in Cape Town) wearing a white linen dress & basket bag ready to find new wine farms and float through flower fields.  Note to self: buy white linen dress, find flower field, take. picture in said flower field with lush fragrance this Summer.  You have to treat yo’self to a sniff of this! It’s beautiful!


Brand Description: Enter a genie bottle. Groovy, mellowed-out patchouli comes alive in contact with bright grapefruit oil and the vanilla-like sweetness of tonka absolute. This fragrance is a wearable art piece that floats above the flotsam and jetsam of life. Endlessly welcoming, it’s a rallying endorsement of the power of inspiration to overcome obstacles; you’re never homeless, only rentless.


Top notes: Anise, Grapefruit & Citrus.

Middle notes: Lemon & Geranium.

Base notes: Leather, Vanilla, Coumarin & Labdanum.



Writing this post has me more excited for Summer than I ever thought I could be!  If you have any of these fragrances or if you’ve smelled them tell me what you think! And let me know if you have any other iconic Summer fragrances that I should know about!

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