Self Love Club

February 22, 2018
Self Love Club

Let me start by saying that I’m not really one for Valentines Day but this is the perfect time to invite you into the SELF LOVE CLUB.  We don’ have t-shirts or a meeting hall but it’s a great place to be.  When Superbalist asked me to share a few things that I’m loving for the month of love I thought, yes, let’s talk about loving and treating yo’self!  This month can be such a crap one for most people so instead of writing about what I bought my significant other, let’s talk about treating the one constant – YOU!


Before we get to the wishlist let’s chat about self-love and what that looks like.  I think there are still many people who believe that self-love is a newly embraced word for GIANT ego, but as I understand and believe, self-love is having a genuine interest in your well-being and ultimately learning to love the person you are.  That doesn’t mean you’re perfect or conceited but rather that you’re choosing to invest in yourself, in the person you want to be, someone you’re proud of.

This is something I’ve personally been working on for a good 6-8 months, but to be honest it takes consistent effort, especially on the bad days.  I’ve done a few simple things and I thought I might share 3 of them with you.


  1. Be kind to yourself.  This seems pretty straightforward but often we get it so wrong – there’s so much that we say to ourselves that we would never say out loud let alone to a friend.  When I get something wrong or fail I manage to convince myself that I’m not good at anything and that I’m a failure .  I’ve started filtering my thoughts through ‘would I say this to my friend?’  If not, find a kinder way to say it – I mean we all need a pep talk every now & then but you don’t need to beat yourself up.
  2. Alone time.  I’m a big advocate for alone time, mostly because I’m secretly an introvert.  Anyone who’s met me would probably laugh at that statement but it’s true – I’m energized by being alone.  But even extroverts need alone time, to think, process, set goals & just generally have a quiet moment.  The key to alone time is to do something (preferably not involving technology) that you enjoy, so you have the space to think about all the important but not urgent things in life.  Important but not urgent is stuff like, am I happy? Are my relationships fulfilling?  The things that creep into your mind before you fall asleep but you never get around to in your busy day.
  3. Treat yo’self.  This is my favourite one, obviously!  I like to do this if I’ve had a bad day or if I’ve worked really hard and I need a little something to make it all feel worthwhile.  It’s easy to work yourself into the ground and never just take a minute to appreciate yourself, your effort, your time.  I often find that I work better if I feel like it’s worth it.  This is especially important if you’re your own boss -nobody else is going to pat you on the back.  This can be as simple or extravagant as your budget allows – could be a pedicure, spa day, trip overseas, weekend away or an item from your wishlist.  Just make sure it’s within your means – there’s no point in doing it if it’s going to cause stress & anxiety the next time you look at your bank statement!

This is where my Superbalist wishlist comes in – I’m placing an order the week I leave America so I have an exciting package to come home to.  I know my first week back is going to be an adjustment so I thought this might soften the blow slightly.  This is my ultimate treat yo’self wishlist selected from the Superbalist accessories section.

Superbalist Wishlist

These are just a couple favourites from the accessories section on the Superbalist site.  Whats the one thing on this wishlist that you want to try?


If you’re a first-time buyer with Superbalist you get R250 off if you spend R600 or more, plus using the app makes browsing their site so much easier.

You can download the app for iPhone here & Android here.


*Sponsored by Superbalist

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Niecole February 23, 2018 - 6:39 AM

I feel like your post came at a perfect time.
I need to join the Self Love Club! But I know a couple of people who should also join.
Too often we forget that if we do not love ourselves unconditionally, we cannot love anyone else in the same way.

Have a wonderful rest of February!


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