The product has been raved about endlessly by international beauty bloggers and with good reason, it’s gorgeous!  Today we’re talking about the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer and why you need it in your makeup stash!


    Firstly let me say that I’ve had a long love affair with my Clarins Sunkissed bronzer so it has to be a very special product that takes it’s place and this has!  I’ve exclusively been using this bronzer for the last month or so and I’m already wandering how I can get my hands on a back-up, just incase it’s ever discontinued!  Okay, I’ll stop gushing now and we can get on with the real review.


    Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer South Africa - review



    As the name suggests this product is as smooth as butter, so it never looks patchy on the skin and blends like a dream.  I have the shade bronzer which is the second lightest shade & you have four different shades to choose from.   These have a satin finish, and don’t have any offensive shimmer or glitter particles, so it looks wonderfully natural on the skin.  All the products in the Butter range are infused with three different types of natural butters from the Amazon, which gives them a smooth texture & a great finish on your skin.  I think the addition of fatty acids plus the natural butters really help this product to sink into the skin & give it a more natural glow.


    The bronzer shade I picked up is ever so slightly cool toned, as in, it never looks orange on my skin tone. In my opinion this has the perfect, warm to cool combo and far outweighs some of my high-end bronzers.  They do have a strong sweet scent but to be honest I don’t hate it!  It kind of gives me island holiday vibes because it smells like Pina Colada mixed with sun cream – sounds odd but it’s actually really good!  The scent doesn’t linger on the skin at all, you can basically only smell it in the pan or on your brush.


    I apply this with my Real Techniques duo fiber brush, in circular motions on my cheekbones, chin, eyelids & hairline to give an overall bronze goddess look.  Think of J-Low in her prime – that’s what I’m going for on a daily basis!


    Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer South Africa - review

    Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer South Africa - review



    Overall this product is pretty bulky and finicky which means it’s not great for travel but it does have a mirror which definitely counts in it’s favour!  The sad sponge applicator that comes along, isn’t worth much & you can basically just throw that away!  It is very plasticy but is pretty damn affordable so I can forgive that and the clasp closure is also really good!   You guys know I’m generally not a fan of colorful packaging but I get where they’re going with it, and I must say that I do enjoy the tropical feel.


    Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer South Africa - review



    You can find Physicians Formula at Dischem and these cost R200 each.  Unfortunately they’re currently of stock in most Dischem stores but I have mailed the suppliers that bring this into SA and I’ll update this post with details on a restock when I hear back from them.


    So if I wasn’t completely clear, this is worth more than R200 and you should get your hands on it!  It will be a great addition to your makeup stash and will transform your bronzer game.  You can see this babe in action in my Drugstore First Impressions video as well as my Sephora & Ulta First Impressions video.


    Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer South Africa - review

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