Dove Intensive Repair Range

April 1, 2016
Dove Intensive Repair Range

I’m not big on changing up my hair products too often, and to be honest I’m not one of those girls that’s fixated on having amazing hair.  That’s why I’m sure majority of you have seen me in the mall, on Snapchat or in my car with an ugly messy bun, and not the cute kind (insert this tweet).

I am also currently in the awkward hair length phase where I’m not sure if I want to chop it off or if I should leave it so it’s basically always tied up in a bun.  I only let my hair down for special occasions these days.  Until I received a sweet little (not really) package of Dove goodness for my hair.  They sent through the Intensive Repair Shampoo, Conditioner, hair mask & rinse off daily conditioner for me to try out.

I’ve been testing out these products for a little over two weeks and let me say it’s been a lovely two weeks.  I’ve mentioned this before but if you’re not one for overshare skip on over to the next paragraph.  I get these odd little patches on my head when it starts getting dirty and if I leave them they can be quite painful – if you know what this is, please do let me know.  Needless to say I’m always looking for products that will agitate my scalp as little as possible and this shampoo ticks that box.

Dove Intensive Repair Range

As the name suggests, this range is for intensive repair so I went in with pretty high expectations and I’ve yet to be disappointed.  My favourite product is the hair mask, oh my, it’s lovely!  It leaves your hair feeling like you’ve just left the salon and they’ve used all those nice expensive products on your hair, except you get that every time you wash your hair.

I can’t say much more about the shampoo and conditioner, they’re just great!  As for the daily conditioner, I haven’t given that a go but I think it would be a nice product for people with curly hair that do that leave in conditioner thing.


All in all this range is quite bloody lovely and I’d definitely give this a go even if it wasn’t sent to me.  I’m  not sure on pricing just yet but when I get more details I’ll update this post.

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