Glossier At First Glance

March 15, 2018
Glossier At First Glance

So let’s all say it together, the packaging is most of the reason we love Glossier. It will look damn good in your bathroom cabinet, and even better on your Instagram feed.  It’s the equivalent of your overly photogenic friend that just looks good doing nothing & without any makeup on.

I’ve admittedly been drawn in by the outside beauty (packaging) and placed an obscenely large order when I got to the US.  Did I buy too much? Maybe, but I’m filing it under ‘for review purposes’ when the husband asks, which he inevitably will.


I like to give you guys informative reviews that will help you to make good choices with your hard earn cash.  This is not that review, these are just my initial thoughts having only used these products for 3 weeks.  I’ve had too of requests for the video, which you can watch here, and to do a blog post.  This is mainly for those of you that are dying to try something from them but you don’t want to get the duds.


If $40 (±R500) for three products seems excessive to you then I’d say wait for the in-depth review but if you’re dying to test something from Glossier no matter the cost, this should help you out.  I bought the phase 1 and 2 set which are $40 and each include three products & then a few extra skincare and makeup items.



Milky Jelly Cleanser

This is as basic as cleansers get – great for mornings or minimal makeup days, but don’t expect to remove your mascara with this!  Being a milk cleanser it leaves my skin feeling clean & soft, the scent is inoffensive and honestly barely there.  It’s nice, but honestly I’d skip it.  Something like the Avene Gentle Milk Cleanser is great and easier to get your hands on.

Priming Moisturizer

I was genuinely surprised by this one – it’s light, wonderfully hydrating (I have dry skin) & leaves my skin looking dewy.  I’m definitely used to using thicker moisturizers but this does the job of hydrating without felling heavy on the skin.  Makeup applies beautifully over the top – I use this as a primer too.

Balm Dot Com (Coconut)

I’m pretty fussy with my lip balms because I’ve basically tried them all & my lips are constantly dry.  So far I’ve only been loyal to the Nuxe Rêve de Miel because it’s the only lip balm that does the trick, until this!  It moisturizes without leaving a weird film on my lips, they feel plump & look a glossy.   I have no complaints here & in fact I’d highly suggest you pick this up or mule it back to SA.


To be honest I’m not sure what to say about this!  I don’t have acne or much scaring  but I do have enlarged pores & redness on my cheeks and I haven’t seen a difference in either.  I’m getting ahead of myself – it’s basically a chemical exfoliant which  strips away the top layer of dead skin cells, revealing new, glowing skin.  Basically the jury’s still out on this but don’t rush out to buy it!  Looking for a more in-depth review of this?  Read Caroline’s post.



Perfecting Skin Tint

The most sheer of sheer coverage products I’ve ever used!  Great if your face repels blemishes but if you’re looking for even light coverage this won’t work fir you. On most days I’m jus looking to cover the redness on my cheeks, which this doesn’t do but it does leave my skin with a glowing/dewy finish all over.  So unless you’re immune to spots & have zero skin concerns this won’t enough coverage for you.  See it in action here.

Stretch Concealer (Light)

Once again won’t do much for blemishes but does the job on dark circles.  It’s hydrating, blends beautifully into the skin using your finger tips & lasts a couple of hours. Tis isn’t the most long wearing concealer and it creases but looks beautiful on natural makeup days.  If you’re after high coverage or something more than a Saturday morning market concealer this isn’t for you.

Boy Brow (Brown)

This deserves every hyped review – it’s wonderful!!  The tint is perfect, holds my brows in place all day & I don’t need to fill them in at all.  This somehow manages to coat each individual brow hair to create a fuller look without being crunchy.  Buy it NOW!

Cloud Paint (Dusk)

Young skin in a tube!  This gives you the perfect youthful flush to the cheeks without ever looking OTT.  If you’re into cream products you’ll love this but it obviously doesn’t play well over powders.  I use this on & slightly under my cheekbones as bronzer blush combo with a glowy finish.  Love it!

Haloscope (Quartz)

This I bought purely as a comparison to my beloved Smashbox Cream Stick in Hollywood & Highlight because it’s the closest in terms of shade & formula.  I’ll be doing a post on it soon so I won’t say much here but you can see it in my first impressions video.

Generation G Lipstick (Cake)

On the site they describe this as a sheer, matte lipstick that adapts to your natural lip shade.  I like this over the Balm Dot Com but by itself it does catch slightly on dry patches.  The shade is perfect for my natural everyday look.


So those are my initial thoughts.  Love the packaging, the brand, the simple approach to skincare & makeup.  Like I said I’ll do an in-depth review in a few months.  Have you tried anything?  What do you love from Glossier?

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