Halloween Day of The Dead Makeup

November 3, 2015
Halloween Day of The Dead Makeup

Celebrating (read: dressing up) Halloween is a new thing for me, and by new I mean this is the first year I’ve made any effort.  Just so you know a little bit about me, I’m not one to do dress up’s, I’ll do fun makeup but that’s as far as it goes.  Which is exactly why I decided on creating this Mexican Day of the Dead makeup as my Halloween dress up.

I’m so happy with how this look came out – it was touch and go for a bit when I couldn’t find pastry-white foundation but it all turned out pretty well.  This costume is basically all makeup & a flower crown. So easy!


Best part was probably contouring, in fact I’m surprised at how much I like looking like a hollow skull.  Worst part would probably be colouring my eye sockets and eyebrows without knowing that it would come off alright.  A few times I had flashes of what I would look like with black eyebrows, its not pretty believe me!

This is a little snap of LéBoyfriend and I before the Halloween party.  He went as a vampire – serious dream come true for him.  He likes Vampire Diaries and Damon in particular, more than I do.  So he was more than happy with his makeup.

Halloween Vampire makeup for men & sugar skull makeup for girls

Did you do anything cool for Halloween?


Ps, Would you like to see a tutorial for this makeup next year?  I was a little late to the bandwagon this year – sorry!

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