How to Style Instagram photos

June 28, 2015
How to Style Instagram photos

I often get asked how I take my Instagram and blog pictures, so I thought I would finally show you how I style my pictures for blog posts and Instagram.

Firstly, find your content – if its fashion, makeup, skincare, food stuff, etc.  Decide what the main focus of your image is.

Secondly, think of some options for backgrounds – a white table, wooden board, a textured table, scarf or even a jersey from your wardrobe – get creative!

Thirdly, round up some fun props – they can be colour specific or just pretty.  I often opt for plants because they add a good pop of colour and an almost life-lie element.   You could use a purse, vase, candle holders, etc.

Then its down to the fun part, the styling – placing everything together in a creative, interesting, fun way.  I love this part!  Do a few test snaps, see whats working and what isn’t and substitute from there.  Take a few pictures from a few angles and focusing on different items in the shot.

Ps, Bare in mind, for Instagram pictures you need them to be in square format, so keep that in mind when taking your pictures! You could even use your phone to guide where your boarders are.



Please let me know if this was helpful, if you enjoyed it or if there are any videos you would like to see in the future.

Please tag me on Instagram or Twitter if you try out any of these tips – I’d love to see!


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