LUSH // Northern Lights & Holly Golightly

February 13, 2015
LUSH // Northern Lights & Holly Golightly

I have waited about 2 months to show these to you, so imagine my need to use them asap. Also, on the plus side, my cupboard smells GLORIOUS! I know it’s well after Christmas and these are limited edition Lush items specifically for Christmas time. But the way I say it, you can store these in memory for when Christmas comes around his year, because these babies sell out fast! And they are worth getting your hands on.

Northern Lights Ballistic is a thing of beauty, in not only its appearance but as expected from Lush an amazing scent that by the end of your bath you will smell like a lush princess. It has Jasmine & Ylang Ylang, which is different to the more citrus items I tend to choose at Lush. They all have little popping candy surprises in there for you, so a very fun combination of colours, smells as well as interesting sights and sounds!

Holly Golightly bubble bar legitimately looks like Christmas to me, more like an American Christmas, but Christmas no less. It has a very spicy warm smell, that just makes you happy, well atleast it makes me happy. It smells deliciously of cinnamon & cloves, leaving you smelling warm and inviting.

I wrote about So White in my January Favourites post here.

Oh Lush, as long as you keep bringing these out, I will forever love you!

What are your favourite items from Lush?

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