October Favourites

November 11, 2014
October Favourites

As I mentioned, these are the first of many YouTube video’s, and to be more specific, Monthly Favourites videos as well as blog posts.  I’ll link the video at the end, but this post serves as more of a lengthily review of some of the beauty products I have not been able to put down in the month of October.


This is a product that I couldn’t wait to try out, because in my opinion anything that’s recommended by Tori from Kiss Blush & Tell, is well worth a try.  And this product is no exception, it is well worth the hype its been getting.  From both local and international beauty bloggers, and YouTubers alike.  Now down to the review: the first thing I noticed about this product is the clean & fresh yet slightly fragranced smell, it smells as I would think a rich girls skin would smell.  The next thing that drew me to this product was the teeny-tiny amount of product you need to use – who doesn’t love a long-lasting beauty product.  But let me say that this is not a cheap, it is quite pricey in fact, for a primer, its in the R300 range, but having said that I think it is well worth the price and I hope it will last a while.
Clarins Gift Purse


I’m not sure if it is the combination of a regular skin routine that has left my skin feeling so happy, the dry patch has definitely subsided and I don’t find that this night cream clogs up my skin and makes me sweat at night.  Especially during the warmer summer months, I don’t want anything too rich or thick.  This product definitely ticks that box and the amazing smell box, as do all the Clarins products that I’ve tried recently.  Aside from that I haven’t found that this product has anything more amazing than the next night cream.  But for R610, I’m not sure I’ll be purchasing the full-sized product.


This one, oh boy, I love it! I’ve only really use the exfoliators that have those weird gel bead exfoliator things, which are more drugstore brands but this one has more of a granular exfoliator.  And best of all, it doesn’t feel harsh or abrasive.  It has a very citrus smell which is so refreshing for both morning and night, but I wouldn’t use it all day everyday because it may cause your skin to be sensitive over time.  This is a product that’s definitely going on my Christmas list.  The full-sized product is R330, which I find okay because you only use a pea-sized amount, which means the product will last a long while.


I’ve never used a Serum, but after reading about Jules skin routine on All Dolled Up, I thought it was a bout time to try it out and I’ve really enjoyed this specific one, but i’ve also never really used any others so I have no reference point to talk from.  But I can say my skin is looking and feeling better after having a regular routine, and this serum forms part of that routine so it has clearly helped somehow, though I can’t tell you how right now.


This is something I had at the top of my beauty list for my birthday because I’ve been using my sisters (which I bought for her birthday) and well I ran out of toner about 3 months ago.  My previous Nivea toner used to leave my skin feeling ugly tight and dry along the top of my cheeks.  This toner has done the complete opposite, its left my skin feeling cleansed but not stripped of moisture.  This is a great product and for R120 its even better.  A great product for a great price.


I’m not usually a Rose scented kind of girl, I like floral scent’s, but never really Rose.  So I wasn’t altogether excited about this when my boss gifted this to me after her trip to London.  Once I started using it though, I immediately loved it.  And it helps that it’s the perfect size to fit into even the smallest handbag pocket.  Unfortunately, as far as I know it’s not available from any store in South Africa, but if you go to London, get yourself  a pack of these.


This perfume is oh so beautiful, if you love Rose scented products you will love this.  My sister is a lover of Rose scent’s so obviously she’s a fan of this one, but for me to love it is a different thing entirely.  I’ve had many people comment on this perfume since I’ve started using it, and the scent hangs around till about midday on the skin but the entire day on my clothing.
Forever 21 Eyelash Curler

This may be my most loved product of the month.  Having never used an eyelash curler this has opened my eyes, and I can’t go back now.  And its use is pretty much self-explanatory, so no rambling here.  I picked up this baby for only R50 at Forever 21.  A cheap but a goody!


I love love love this one!  I know chubby sticks have been around for a while but for a while now I’ve been a bit of a MAC snob but I’ve been converted.  This colour is pinky/nude shade on my lips, with a good amount of shine, not too much that its distracting or overtly glossy.  Sadly though I have found that it dries out my lips if I use it too much, even though it is said to be a kind of lip balm.


Since Clinique was the first to come out with chubby sticks, I thought it made sense to try out there’s and see how the formula differs from the others and why it is so popular among beauty bloggers and YouTubers.  The thing I love most about this is the intensity of the colour.  It can be dulled down by just applying it to your finger and then patting it into the lips.  This is a lowly Spring/Summer colour.


The only function I thought this brush had, was to apply pressed powder foundation and that’s how I’ve been using it for the last year or two.  But this last month I have used it to apply bronzer , and its been a dream.  It gives a precise contour because of the pointed tip of the brush.  Because its tapered it allows you to blend out the bronzer nicely.  A lovely multi-purpose brush, for those who don’t want to go out and buy three different brushes for one function.


I know this a more lengthily post than usual but I wanted to give a proper review of the products.  Let me know if this has been even remotely helpful, I’d love to hear from you.

Thoughts, please give me your thoughts or ideas, things I should try or review, I’d love to hear from you!


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