Oranjezicht City Farm Market Get Ready With Me

October 17, 2015
Oranjezicht City Farm Market Get Ready With Me

This is one of my favourite things to do on a beautiful Saturday morning in Cape Town – explore the Oranjezicht City Farm Market.  Since we’re heading in to Summer here in South Africa I thought I would show you a little something different.  A little adventure to one of my favourite places.

If you’re an organic veg buying individual or generally healthy you will love this market.  In-fact most stands at the market are geared toward fresh ingredients – I saw a beetroot and carrot cake!  The main event at this market is the fresh organic fruits and vegetables available to you.

But before I give everything away, watch the video – you’ll see all you need to, to get you out of bed and heading to the market.




Want to know more details about the market, check out their Facebook page.

If you enjoyed this sort of video let me know and I’ll film a few others where I take on fun adventures with me.

Ps, thinking of starting a weekly vlog channel, but only the fun things.  Would you been keen to that or no?


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