PRODUCT REVIEW: Brazilian Blowout

April 29, 2014






I won these Brazilian Blowout treatments from ELLE about a month ago.  Let me start by saying I have curly hair, but not sweet waving hair, I mean real curly hair, the kind that if you don’t tame it, it starts looking like a lion’s mane.  And I’ve recently cut off a good chunk of my hair, so as far as curly hair goes, the curls are even tighter.

The Dry Oil is perfect for those odd frizzy bits near your skulp to just smooth them over and to get the tips feeling like freshly cut hair.  I’ve used it on wet hair, straight out of the shower and also when its dry and needs some help taming it.

The Straightening Balm is great, I really love the shine my hair has after I’ve used it.  It also stays straighter for longer, even with this horrible hair weather.  I can only really speak to what my hair is like.  I really would suggest this to anyone.

Leave a comment if you’ve tried this product or if you have any other suggestions on hair products.


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