Review: Moroccanoil Extra Volume

October 1, 2015
Review: Moroccanoil Extra Volume

Moroccanoil is one of the brands I had up on my ‘aahh’ list!  Just to explain, my ‘aahh’ list is a list of brands or products that look amazing, have great reviews online and need to be in my beauty stash.  So recently when they sent me these products to try out I was pretty darn excited!

Let’s talk rich girl hair for a minute – I don’t have it, my hair does not smell like I’ve stepped out of a salon every time I wash it.  Try as I might to find that beautiful smelling product at an okay price, it’s just never the same!  These Moroccanoil products are something else though, they are the key to the rich girl hair smell and look.  Your hair looks, feels and smells BEAUTIFUL after you wash it, believe me.

The shampoo makes my scalp feel gloriously refreshed and completely clean.  With most shampoo’s even after the second wash my scalp still feels bumpy and generally not very happy but this Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo has been a dream.  If you have curly hair, don’t be put off by the extra volume, it just adds a good amount of bounce.

LeBoyfriend has used the shampoo & conditioner a few times, much to my dismay and the way he described it was “it felt like the conditioner was still in my hair but really my hair was just THAT soft!”.  He put it perfectly, and to top that it has the signature Moroccanoil scent.

I use the Hydrating Styling Cream either before or after blow-drying my hair and it takes down the frizz and helps to hold a curl.  Usually about 2 hours after I curl my hair it just looks like limp sad waves but this really helps to hold the curl for longer and it adds to the already amazing scent.

Before I started using these products my hair was hard to handle, I could never leave it to dry naturally and although I had it cut recently it just felt average.  If you’re in the same boat, give these a try – I’m sure you’ll love them.

You can buy Moroccanoil from selected salons and online at Retailbox

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