The Body Shop Enrich Not Exploit

March 16, 2016
The Body Shop Enrich Not Exploit

You may have noticed that there has been little to no activity on LéBlog recently besides YouTube videos.  I’ve given myself a month of so to regroup and chill a little more than I’m used to.  If you follow me on Snapchat you already know that my life is extremely busy with work at Nifty, my makeup course, LéBlog, YouTube, church, family and friends.  I literally did audible sigh after listing that.  But enough about my busy life lets get into this exciting campaign, which you NEED to get involved in.

The Body Shop laughed their Enrich Not Exploit campaign in February (I’m a little late to the game) and they came to my office to give me a little explanation about the campaign and handed me a lovely little box with a few of their new releases.  This stood out to me the most!

This campaign is about supporting three charities and allowing us (the customer) to be a part of it.  From the sales of this limited edition Hemp hand cream (R130), R30 will go to the charity of your choosing.  The three charity groups they’ve selected are plant, people and animal.  So which ever stands out to you the most you can donate your R30 contribution to.  I’m all people – just incase you’d want to know.

If the charity aspect is not enthusing you enough to get off your bum & get involved then perhaps you’d like to know that this hand cream is the shiz! You know I’m constantly moaning about my hands, and body in general being dry, well this packs a serious moisture punch!  The day’s that I use this I don’t reach into my bag nearly as often for more cream.  So for the girls with scales for skin, this will be your best friend.

This campaign runs until 31 May 2016 so go buy some damn damn hand cream!

Ps, they’re currently running a 3 for 2 special!

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