May 18, 2018

My favourite part of Winter besides the wooly knits and boots is cuddling up on the couch with Sean and binge watching countless episodes of series.  If that’s your perfect idea of a cold winter night then you’re going to love this post.  So many friends ask me what series they should be watching and whats new on Netflix so I thought if they’re asking it might be something others would be interested in.  So below you’ll find my binge worthy list of series for you to make your way through this winter.  To be honest a lot of these most guys won’t be into but there may be something in there for the nights that you want to snuggle up with your significant other.


Okay let’s get going with this list because it’s long!  And also if you have any suggestions on series I should be watching please leave them in the comments.


Handmaids Tale (season 2)

If you watched the first season you will know why this is number one on my list.  The last season left things on a major cliffhanger so the start of the second season has everyone talking.  Let’s get into the basics of this series for those of you that somehow still hasn’t gotten hooked – it’s pretty dark, a little bit slow, gruesome and unbelievably gripping.  The whole story revolves around a society where majority of the female population are infertile and women have no rights.  The plot turns from episode to episode, each one drawing you in even more.  I’m trying not to give too much away but if dark series is your vibe, watch this!




Black Mirror

I know, I know, theres nothing new here and not even a new season to talk about but this is one for the unseasoned series addict.  For those of you who perhaps prefer a book over the movie, “just don’t watch tv” or have been absorbed in studies so much so that you genuinely didn’t have time for tv, this is for you.  Another dark one, where each episode has a standalone storyline, but each episode is related to a futuristic society where technology has changed the world, and not for the better.  If you tried to get into this series and the first episode of season 1 put you off (there’s no way to unsee it) I’d encourage you to push through, or better yet, skip episode one.  Since every episode is different with varying casts I’d start from season 3, it’s the best!  Bare in mind, you won’t walk away with happy feels after watching this, it’s the exact opposite actually, so if you’re having a tough week this is not the show to watch.




The Crown (season 2)

If you’re not into period dramas stop reading now.  Being someone that loves period dramas I was hooked from the first episode.  This follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II and gives the viewer a better picture of her personal life, relationships and inner struggles with her role as the queen.  I’ve never been overly interested in the royal family, except for Meaghan & Harry’s marriage that is, but this has definitely peaked my interest and you can often find me googling facts about the queen after an episode.  If you’re looking for a Sunday afternoon series that’s easy watching but still gripping, this is it.


13 Reasons Why (season2)

With the first season left on a cliffhanger, the second season was released this week so you can start your binge watching this weekend!  The second season has something to do with photographs and shows the court case unfolding.  If you’re keen to see the trailer watch it here but if you haven’t seen the first season yet do’t ruin it for yourself.  The first season is about a high school student (Hannah) that commits suicide and has 13 reasons why she did it, which she shares in a series of tapes after she’s taken her life.  If follows her life and the lives of people affected by the tapes and her suicide.  This series was both enlightening and saddening with the inevitable ending.  A friend that suffers with mental illness did say that she can’t watch this because it could be triggering so I will put out that warning.  But obviously that does differ from person to person.




The Alienist

This is a new one for me and I’m writing this as we’re only 5 episodes in so I can’t comment fully on the season but am thoroughly enjoying what I’ve seen so far and how the storyline progresses.  Another period drama come crime investigation and study of mental illness.  I know, you’re thinking, ‘how the hell do those work together?’ but honestly it’s really fascinating!  This stars Dakota Fanning as one of the lead roles (this got me very excited!) and is set in the 1800’s, following the story of a doctor that studies patients with mental illness while trying to solve the case of a string of sadistic murders throughout the city.  It’s gruesome so if you have a sensitive stomach you may need to close your eyes every now and then but it’s well worth the watch.


Santa Clarita Diet

I’ve been eyeing this for a while unsure of what it was actually about, is it dark? humorous? weird?  The conclusion I’ve come to – it’s a little like Modern Family with the odd murders thrown in.  It stars Drew Barrymore (that’s what drew me in) as the lead actress – a mother & wife to a very normal family in a normal neighbourhood that becomes a zombie and starts acting crazy while still trying to lead her normal life..  I’m still on the first season and really enjoy the humor in this but it’s definitely not for everyone so if you with three episodes and you’re still not feeling it just move on.




Chef’s Table season 4

Being the only documentary style series on the list that means it has to be good!  No, exceptional!  If you love food and seeing beautiful things come together sounds exciting to you, you’ll love this.  Each episode shares the stories, recipes & mind behind a world-renoewned chef.  Sean & I love watching this when we feel uninspired, not necessarily with food (but obviously this would help in that department) but in life – we just find that you can’t help but be inspired to create amazing things after watching an episode.  Also each chef’s dedication to their craft is just so beautiful!




The Bold Type (season 2)

I raved about the first season in my April Favourites video and I’m happy to say that the second season starts on June 12th.  This series follows the lives of three twenty-something women living in NYC & working for a magazine house.  They share everything from work antics, sleeping with the boss, exploring same sex relationships and all the drama in-between.  You won’t see many big-named actors/actresses in this series but it definitely deserves a good mid-week binge!


Dear White People (season 2)

This my just seem like a series about african Black American students navigating life at an Ivy League University,  but it’s so much more!  It’s deep, dark, hilarious and educating all in one.  I think I finished the first season over a weekend and remember feeling little bit empty after the finale but Netflix has release a second season in record time.  The first season was basically about introducing you to the characters, but the second season is where they really develop the storyline.  Having never been a huge fan of series with a narrator, besides Jane The Virgin, that kind of put me off, but push through and I promise you’ll love it!


Altered Carbon

This is one for those of you looking for something to watch with your husband/partner – based off a novel of the same name, it’s a fast paced, action series set in the future.  In a future where your mind can be transferred to different “sleeves” – bodies – which means most people can choose to be immortal.   So many lives are intertwined and affected by one person being placed in a new body.  It’s definitely worth a watch with your partner if they’re not into something like The Bold Type or 13 Reasons Why.




Alias Grace

This is based off the book of the same title, by the same author as Handmaids Tale.  So if you’re looking for something dark and gripping to fill the space the Handmaids Tale may have left this is it.  This follows the life of a poor Irish immigrant that murdered her employer and his housekeeper.  They tell this story in a way that has you rooting for the murderer and equally fascinated by the events that lead to the murders.  Again if you’re into period dramas you’re to love this!



The one thing that comes to mind is kak weird!!  As the first German original series produced for Netflix this is the only one with subtitles but it’s worth it!  Since there are subtitles this is an all-in series, you can’t be working on your laptop and watching, unless tour fluent in German. This series shows the lives of four families and how they link after children start going missing in their small town.  There are some supernatural elements to the this which add an extra layer to the storyline.





I’ve only watched two episodes but I’m already super keen so I thought I’d add this to this list because I’m already hooked.  A 22 year old Tess moves to New York City, with no friends, a crappy room to live in and starts working in one of the city’s best restaurants.  I can’t say much else because well I’m only two episodes in but I’ll update this post with my thoughts once  I’ve finished the season.




The Good Doctor

If you’re a House/Grey’s Anatomy fan you’ll love this!  I know most of you will be thinking, ‘yet another medical drama’ but it’s honestly so much better than that!  The main character is Freddie Highmore, the main actor from Bates Motel – but in this series he’s an autistic medical resident that moves from a small town to complete his residency with his longstanding mentor.  The second season is coming out next year September/October which is way to long in my opinion but I’ll wait it out!



Seriously though, if you end up watching any of these please let me know in the comments and leave me suggestions of what I should watch next.

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Niecole May 21, 2018 - 5:19 AM

Love the recommendations… I totally want to get into The Handmaids Tale and The Crown! Have you read The Handmaids Tale? I think you would love the book!
Just one recommendation for you… Westworld – So amazing! Second season recently started.

Cara Schickerling May 21, 2018 - 11:29 AM

You should definitely try Peak Blinders – Season 1-3 are on Netflix and most recent is on DSTV.

Hildegarde_k May 27, 2018 - 8:26 PM

Definitely putting all of these on my list! I loved Handmaid’s Tale. Have you watched Stranger Things and Westworld? Both awesome series in my opinion, especially Westworld.


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