October 2, 2017

I’ve read a couple of these monthly goals posts on other blogs and it’s a bit of an odd thing (let me know if you feel the same), but when I see other people’s monthly goals it makes me want to do more & tick off all my tasks.  I’m an extremely driven person by nature but also I’m great at procrastinating or putting off the tough things, like exercise!

So I thought sharing my monthly goals with you guys would be a great way to keep myself accountable.  I’m big on lists and planning but without a little bit of a push I get to the end of the month and I’ve done a third of what I set out to do!  So I’m sharing this for myself and also hopefully to motivate you guys!



01.  Enjoy consistent exercise.  Note I said ENJOY because I want to find a way of being active and enjoying it at the same time.  I know there are some people who really do love working out but I’ve just never gotten there so this month I’d like to try a few different classes at the gym, maybe a little bit of yoga at home and running in the forest now that the weather has cleared up.  I also know that the enjoyment factor doesn’t kick in immediately so that’s where the consistency is important for me.


02.  Create more quality content.  I’ve often found myself in the rut of creating content just for the sake of it.  To make sure that I’m sticking to my schedule but I don’t really like what I’m creating.  So although this month is going to be pretty full (Vlogtober) I’m determined to create content that I would like to watch/read.  Please feel free to let me know if you’re enjoying the content that I’m putting up, affirmation really does give me a big push!


03.  Celebrate.  October is my birthday month and although I’ve set myself a mammoth task of doing Vlogtober I’m determined to also have fun while doing it!  Recently I’ve found that I get sad a lot easier and more often and really does take over my brain but I really want to enjoy this month and my birthday.  Birthdays are big in my family and as most of you know, my sister now lives in America & this is our second birthday away from one another and believe me they never easier.  I haven’t quite figured out how but I don’t want to be sad about it this year.  Suggestions are welcome 🙂

LeChelle Taylor - Taylor Made Blog - October Goals - The Strangers Club Cape Town


04.  Bullet Journal.  I’ve wanted to start my bullet journal in January and we’re now in October and I still haven’t started!  Sadly, the reason I haven’t started is because I’m scared of messing up and that it will be ugly.  Writing this actually makes me feel dumb for not doing it.  So starting from this month I’m actually going to do a bullet journal. Let me know if you guys want to see updates or layouts that I have.


05.  Push myself.  I briefly mentioned Vlogtober but it is a goal in itself.  I’ve always admired YouTubers that are able to upload daily video’s/vlogs and still get on with their normal life.  They are obviously extremely driven and have a great work ethic and I’m trying to cultivate that in myself.  So for vlogtober my goal is to upload 4 videos each week for the month of October!  I also plan on putting up regular content here on the blog & still updating my Instagram & Twitter.  Essentially I’m throwing myself in the deep end and I’m hoping I can swim!


I’d love it if you guys came on this monthly goals journey with me, to help motivate me and keep me accountable.   If you have any goals for this month please let me know what they are in the comments below and we can help keep each other accountable!


All photographs by Paige Wood Photography.

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Carla October 4, 2017 - 10:19 PM

Great post! I’d love to see what your spreads/ layouts are in your bullet journal. I started mine last year June and have loved how flexible it can be for your needs, as well as being an outlet to be a little creative with handlettering, etc. (That being said, my layouts are more on the minimal side as the purpose is for me to be organized and not procrastinate writing pretty headings. Ha!) I also felt scared of messing it up, but I hate to break it to you, you do and you just correct it and move on. 🙂 Keep up the awesome content!

Le'Chelle October 16, 2017 - 4:12 PM

I’m wanting to do some of those bullet journal layout videos but I think it might be cool to start simple and do a few posts on the blog to show you guys my bullet journal layouts!

Yeah I think I’ll go for more minimal layouts too – I’m not hugely into like romantic or squiggly fonts! Plus I can’t really do them!
I’m probably going to do everything in pencil first, which is time consuming but I know at some point that I’ll kind of give up on that! haha! x

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