Celebrating Sisterhood

October 4, 2017
Celebrating Sisterhood

I’ve spoken about this so many times on my Instagram and I thought it was time to do a little blog post and get your feedback.  Till now this blog has just been filled with pretty things, reviews, style tips and for the most part superficiality but that’s not enough for me, so let’s chat.

I thought we could have a little girl talk (I hate to use the word girl because we’re all women here but it just works better).  Also that entire sentence makes me feel like Miss Norbury from Mean Girls but she definitely had a point and I think it would use a refresher.  Of late I’ve been really open on Instagram about how we as women need to support one another and the other day it dawned on me that maybe you’d like to start but you don’t know how.


These are three things that I try to put into practice when I’m scrolling through social media, meeting up with friends or even just casually stalking people on Instagram (we all do it!).  These may seem simple to you but making an active effort to implement them everyday is actually pretty tough, and takes some practice.


01.  Celebrate.  We all know this well – that feeling of jealousy when someone get’s something you think you want/deserve/have worked for.  Immediately you start thinking about all the reasons why you should have been chosen instead of them.  You know what that is?  Comparison!  I compare myself to other women so much that I sometimes can’t even identify that I’m doing it.  Here’s something different, why not try to celebrate with the person, and genuinely feel happy for them.  If your first thought isn’t about yourself it allows you to actually be happy for the other person.   On social media I often find myself comparing my life to everyone else’s show reel – most of us just put the good things on Instagram.  But just because someone else is doing well doesn’t automatically mean you aren’t – allow yourself to be proud of your accomplishments.  This quote by Theodore Roosevelt is so true, and it’s annoying but it really has helped me with this: “Comparison is the thief of Joy”.  So next time you’re comparing, think about the fact that you’re actively stripping yourself of joy.


02.  Support.  This might be your family, friends or work colleagues or it could even be someone you follow on Instagram.  By support I mean being genuinely invested in what they’re doing, how they’re doing and caring for them.  It  could be as simple as liking a picture or leaving an encouraging comment.  We as women often don’t support and uplift one another because we think it will impact our chances or take away from our opportunities.  Stay in your lane, there’s no need to look to the right or the left, run your course.  We can all succeed, and if someone else does, why not be genuinely happy for them.

03.  Encourage.  This takes a new level of selflessness and it’s damn hard to encourage other people when you secretly want what they have.  It’s about caring for someone other than yourself, which is hard but it’s definitely worth doing.  I’m really bad this one but I am trying, I promise!  We all know how good it feels when someone encourages us and how it kind of gives you a push – well why not be that for someone else?  It’s about spreading positivity and love, not in a creepy way but if you do it, it could inspire someone else to.  Imagine we could change the way that we think and react to each other as women.  By nature we’re bitchy, rude & competitive but we can choose to think and behave differently.


I don’t know if this has helped you at all or even if it’s just sparked a thought, that’s great!  I just want to see women coming along side other women instead of being critical & harsh.  So this is my way of making a change, by first looking at what needs work in myself & then using this platform that I have to start a conversation or educate women.


So if you have any feedback or comments please leave them down below, I’d love to chat more about this.


All images by Paige Wood Photography

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Ali Findlay October 5, 2017 - 10:20 AM

I looooove this Le’Chelle! So wonderful to see influencers speaking about things that are so SUPER important in our world right now. You go gal.

Le'Chelle October 16, 2017 - 4:14 PM

Thank you, honestly, I really appreciate your comment! I think it’s really important to use this platform for something good! x

Carien October 13, 2017 - 2:05 PM

I love these sentiments and I also think it applies seriously in the workplace ! We sometimes forget that the successes of our colleagues and employees are also our successes!

Le'Chelle October 16, 2017 - 4:15 PM

I think especially in the work place its become very common for women to be jealous and almost catty but I honestly think it makes such a difference if you choose to behave differently! 🙂
Thanks for your comment 🙂 x

Gente October 16, 2017 - 10:59 AM

I love this article, but I still feel like there are woman, myself included, that just don’t find a base or community of woman that they connect and hang out with.

Le'Chelle October 16, 2017 - 4:18 PM

To be honest, I use to say that exact thing! I used to say ‘I just don’t get on with women, they’re horrible!” but since changing my mindset and instead of seeing the negative first, I’m choosing to give women the benefit of the doubt, because I’d like others to do the same for me 🙂

It will definitely take some trial and error when you’re trying to make the right friends , and it’s really trying, but once you have a good group of girl friends all the effort (and tears, lets be honest) seems worth it!

Just keep trying, it’s worth it to have some good girl friends 🙂 x

Zoe October 17, 2017 - 2:38 PM

I lovvveeedd this! I can relate to this so much. I have struggled coming from a private school – or so the stereotype goes “a rich peoples school”. I was constantly surrounded by people who were so negative and really couldn’t encourage one another and when someone got something, they skipped the comparison part and went to go get something better. Its so important for women to stand up together. At the end of the day we struggle with the same thing! You have just got to learn that your tongue has the power to speak life or death into somebody – not literally but you get me!

SISTERHOOD all the way!

thanks for this blog – really reminded me I need to up my game 🙂

Tarron October 18, 2017 - 1:13 PM

This world you have created on wordpress between the spaces of our lives and yours is so freaken awesome. Whenever I pop over to your blog I gain such refreshment and rejuvenation from the relatable convos that takes place over here. How practical and affordable recommendations are. The ultimate tone on here is that “I can to” I can take care of myself cause Le Familia has got me. I loved watching your recent youtube video caught up last night on how you edit your stills on insta story and such. That in your world is such a “I can to” moment for all of us girls who stay glued to your blogosphere. Its really so cool ! LOVE YOUR HEART


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