Five Fashion Favourites: Accessories

April 10, 2018
Five Fashion Favourites: Accessories

I’m so excited to be starting a new fashion series where I talk about a few items I’m loving at the moment.  So I’m kicking things off with some accessory favorites.  My usual idea of accessorizing an outfit would be with my everyday rings but these five fashion accessories have changed the game.


Velvet Scrunchie

I bought this pink velvet scrunchie while standing in the checkout line at Old Navy and best of all it was on sale for less than a dollar.  Yup, less than R11 for a scrunchie!  I’m the laziest when it comes to my hair so this is perfect for dirty hair days with a little bit of dry shampoo and a half up hairstyle.  It gives a kind of 90’s messy bed head look, with a little bit of effort thrown in.  I’ll definitely be stocking up on a few more scrunchies through Shop Stealing Lucy.

This also goes well with some layered gold necklaces and thick hooped earrings for a modern twist on Jennifer Lopez in the 90’s minus the dark lip liner.

Five Fashion Favourites Accessories



Baker Boy Hat

I really wasn’t sure about this trend at the end of last year but now I’m fully onboard.  I found one on sale at Target a few weeks ago while shopping with Christi and didn’t end up taking it & but then I couldn’t stop thinking about it so obviously it had to be mine.  I found a very similar one to mine on Superbalist – might buy this one too!

I find that this can look a bit masculine if I just wear jeans & a t-shirt so I’ve been pairing it with dresses and skirts to create more balance.  But if I do go for jeans they have to be high-waisted or I just look a teenage boy, especially if I don’t wear makeup.

Fashion Accessory favourites - baker boy hat



Gold Layered Necklaces 

This is probably the easiest and most effective ways to add some character to an otherwise plain outfit.  At the end of last year I bought a crescent necklace from Matter Of Fakt and it looked good by itself but paired with this gold pendant necklace from ASOS it looks GREAT!

They look great layered over chunky knits, sweaters, plain white tees and dresses with plunging necklines.  I’ve been lusting after the Missoma horn necklace for ages but haven’t plucked up the courage to buy it yet.  You can also find some more affordable options at places like By Cara and H&M.

Fashion Accessory Favourites: gold necklaces



Mini Handbags

Many high-end brands like Gucci & Chanel have been coming out with mini handbags & Bum Bags (basically moon bags/fanny packs from the nineties) for the Spring/Summer season but I can definitely see them making an appearance for Winter as well.  I haven’t quite gotten onboard with the moon bag trend just yet but I might just, purely for the sake of ease and not having to cart my life around with me in a handbag.

Small handbags are fun and add something almost whimsical to an outfit but they’re also extremely practical for everyday. While in America I picked up a black mini handbag from Target and a really sweet basket bag from a thrift store.  The black one is especially nice because I can still fit my regular purse and essentials but it’s just not at all bulky, which I love!  The basket bag in a bit different because it has an actual lid (yup) and often has people confused as to if it’s a handbag or not.  The basket bag definitely screams island holiday but I’m determined to style it for Winter – screw practicality, let’s have some fun.  That last line instinctively makes me want to start singing that Lady Gaga song!

Fashion Accessory favourites: mini bags


Statement Earrings

This is a trend I’m yet to take part in, but Im dying to!  I had my ears re-pierced about a month before I left for America and they’re still healing (my piercings always take longer to heal!) so I haven’t been able to test-run this trend but I’m already on-board!  I think statement earrings look great with simple jeans & a t-shirt and equally good dressed up for a wedding or special occasion.   I love having an excuse to wear my hair up in a messy bun, using my velvet scrunchie or in a really neat middle path with low bun.

So these are my inspiration for when I can switch out my earrings.

Ps, By Cara have an amazing pair of face earrings that I NEED!


Fashion Accessory favourites: statement earrings


If you’re following me on Instagram you would have surely seen all (baring one) of these trends plastered all over my images!  As I said, these accessories have completely changed the game for me and to be honest I’ve been known to plan my outfits around them!

Which of these fashion accessories are you keen to try?  Or let me know if you have any other that I should be trying!

And if you’re enjoying my fashion content you should check out this cool post I wrote on styling culottes.


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Shalane April 20, 2018 - 10:22 AM

I love this post LeChelle. The scruchies are just the coolest and make me feel like I’m a kid again. I will be looking out for velvet ones here. I also just have to say that your brows are just perfect, well basically your makeup is just perfect. Love your blog.


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