Four Ways to Style Culottes

November 6, 2017
Four Ways to Style Culottes

It’s not secret that I’m completely obsessed with culottes, I mean if you’ve watched any of my vlogs or Week in Outfits video you would already be well-aware of this.  I bought my first pair of culottes in July and they haven’t left my body since.


I love the way culottes can be styled but I’d only ever seen them on skinny people so was unsure of what they would look like on me, you know someone that’s not a size ten.  I was pleasantly surprised when I tried them on at Zara and actually loved the look of them.  It seems that you guys were equally as excited and stunned because my Zara culottes got a lot of attention in this clothing haul video.


Culottes are essentially high-waisted, cropped (mid calf – if you’re short like me) wide leg pants, usually made in a lightweight fabric.  I love the culotte trend but always used to think they’d be unflattering because I’m short and curvy.   Which made me think that they’d cut me in all the wrong places and make me look like an off- duty clown.  I couldn’t have been more wrong!  They’ve honestly been the perfect addition to my wardrobe and I think they’ll work really well for Summer too.


Your interest in my culottes has inspired me to share a little bit on how I style them and where you can find some good options.  My culottes are from Zara (R479) and I’ve since picked them up in the mid-pink colour, that’s how much I love them!  For this post I’ve only styled the black culottes because I think those are more versatile for any wardrobe.


Styling culottes date night

Styling Culottes four ways - plus size

I’ve only recently gotten into wearing colour so when it comes to date night I want two things, to feel comfortable and a little bit fierce so I usually opt for good ol’ black on black.  This works for me because all I need to do is change my shoes or my hairstyle depending what we’re doing.  This look is great with tan or black heels, a sleek low bun & a dark lip.  If you’ve seen my birthday vlog, you’ll know the look I’m talking about.

Styling Culottes four ways - plus size

I think this look is sleek & comfortable but still looks like you’ve made an effort.  If you’re someone that likes to show off a little something on a date you could wear a bodysuit with a plunging neckline or even a simple figure hugging tank top, paired with a leather jacket and heels.


Styling culottes drinks dinner

Styling Culottes four ways - plus size

I love this look for the simple fact that it makes a statement without any effort on my part.  Like I said I’ve only recently started wearing more colour, so pairing this bright red knit with my sleek black culottes was a no-brainer.  Depending on your office environment this could be a good option for work while still being casual enough for after work drinks.


Styling Culottes four ways - plus size

Styling Culottes four ways - plus size


Styling culottes weekend brunch

Styling Culottes four ways - plus size

I love a slow Saturday morning strolling through a food market or brunching with LéHusband so it goes without saying that this needs to be a non-restricting outfit.  Pairing the culottes  with a floral embroidered tee and espadrilles instantly give this summery, light feel.

Styling Culottes four ways - plus sizeStyling Culottes four ways - plus size



Styling culottes work formal

Styling Culottes four ways - plus size

This look is for those of you that work in the corporate world where heels & colored shirts are a must.  I actually had so much fun styling this look because I’ve never really styled anything formal with my culottes.  I just went for a loose fitting white & black collared shirt with black mules and a sleek low bun.  I find it so cool that a low bun can make such a big difference to an outfit.

Styling Culottes four ways - plus sizeStyling Culottes four ways - plus size


I don’t think I can express how much I love these pants!  They really have been a great addition to my wardrobe.  So if you’ve been on the fence about this trend or not too sure if it’ll suit you, just give it a try, it may very well surprise you.


As promised here are a few options for culottes that are currently online:

  • Zando – these are really similar to mine!
  • Superbalist – they have a good variety of styles, patterns & fabrics.
  • Woolworths – if you’re feeling bold, check these out.
  • Spree – pleasantly surprised at the options they have.

Obviously you can also have a little shopping day if you prefer an in-store experience.  Personally I think culottes would be a great addition to any wardrobe because they’re extremely versatile and are especially good for summer, if you don’t love the dresses.


Let me know your thoughts on this trend, if you have culottes & how you style them.



*All images by Paige Wood Photography

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Prettiful Blog November 7, 2017 - 11:36 AM

I am also short and on the curvier side, and I love culottes for summer! They are so light and cool and can be dressed up perfectly for work! Thanks for this post!

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