Simple Everyday Hairstyles with GHD

December 20, 2017
Simple Everyday Hairstyles with GHD

If you’ve been following me for some time you’ll know that I don’t like to spend much time styling my hair, I’m a good ol’ wash & go kind of girl.  But when ghd sent me one of their new Nocturne Collection stylers I took up the challenge to try something new and put some effort into my day to day looks.


So I thought it might be cool to share some of my go to simple styles that you could do for any Christmas parties, just a casual day out or even lunch with the girls.  Now that I’ve started to play around a bit more I’ve got the hang of things and it makes this so much quicker too.  All of these styles should take you 15 minutes or less, obviously depending on how thick your hair is.


Everyday Simple Hairstyles with GHD

1. Sleek Straight Hair

This is pretty simple and most of us know how to do this, it’s really straight forward so I won’t go into any detail.  What I will say though is that prepping your hair for this style can make all the difference. I like to use nourishing & volumizing products on my damp hair, then I’ll toss my hair over and roughly blow-dry my hair from the bottom.  I find that this helps to give my hair extra volume at the roots, because this style can sometimes look a bit flat, because of my fine hair.  I always use a good heat protector, go in with my ghd styler & finish off with some hair oil in the mid-lengths to ends.


Everyday Simple Hairstyles with GHD

2. Slicked back low bun

With the water crisis in Cape Town and pure laziness I like to stretch my hair washing days to about 2-3 times per week.  So what I’ll usually do is straighten my hair the day I wash it and then when it gets to third day hair I start using dry shampoo, do a center parting and pull it into a low bun.  This pairs really well with both a glowing simple face as well as something more bold.  If you want to see how I got this makeup & hair look than take a look at this video.


Everyday Simple Hairstyles with GHD

3. Loose beachy waves

This is probably the most complicated of all the styles but it’s simpler than you think it is.  A few years ago I created a video on how to create these curls so I link that here for any of you that want to see it, although I will warn you, it’s old!  Basically I part my hair into three sections and then into smaller, more manageable pieces to start curling.  I don’t know if this will make much sense in a blog post but basically each alternate piece is curled toward my face and then away from it.  Continuing this around my whole head and then doing a bit of hairspray all over.  I will say though that my curls don’t tend to last that long, even with hairspray, so if you have any time on that please do let me know!


Everyday Simple Hairstyles with GHD

4. Messy high bun

I love this for a simple work day, because for the most part I can’t get on with anything done if there’s hair in my face so I like to scoop it into a high bun to have a productive day!  Like all of these other styles, it’s really simple to achieve so I’ll just highlight a few things that I like to do.  Firstly, this works perfectly on freshly washed hair rather than, “this is third day hair & I don’t know what to do with it!”.  I start with freshly straightened/curled hair, loosely pull it into a high bun and then pull out a few pieces around the front to frame my face.


Let me know which style you like the most!


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Sheri-Leigh January 4, 2018 - 11:34 PM

These 4 styles along with naturally curly are the hairstyles I rock all year long. The lose curls/waves is best to do on dirty hair- I would wash and straighten 1st day, 2nd day I would do curls(could add dry shampoo to the front/roots to give it a lift or simply freshen it up) it usually works for me, add some hairspray and it could drop a bit, but it’ll last longer than freshly washed hair.

Hope it helps! 💕


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