Clarins NEW IN Summer Collection, Double Serum & Everlasting Compact Foundation

September 27, 2017
Clarins NEW IN Summer Collection, Double Serum & Everlasting Compact Foundation

I’ve always had a soft spot for Clarins A. because they create beautiful products and B. because they smell so damn good!  Every year they launch a new Summer Collection which I always look forward to, especially for the bronzer.  So I’ve gotten a couple of new releases from Clarins and I thought I’d chat you through them!

Clarins Double Serum -Hydric and Lipidic System - 8th generation 2017

Clarins Double Serum (R880 – R1 180)

This product is still pretty new to me as I’ve only started using this in the last two weeks so for now I won’t give my full review on the product but rather tell you a bit more about it, it’s ingredients & if I’ve noticed any changes in my skin.


The 8th generation of Clarins Double Serum contains 20 + 1 plant extracts with anti-ageing benefits.  They’ve added one key ingredient into the new formulation – Turmeric Extract (highly concentrated in turmerone) which is known for it’s anti-ageing properties.


The new double vial bottle keeps the hydric (water) & lipidic (oil) ingredients separate prior to application onto the skin.  Each pump delivers two-thirds water-based ingredients and one-third oil-based ingredients which allows the product to absorb easily.  They’ve also added a customisable pump which disperses more or less product depending on your skin type.  If you’re combination/oily you can use less product and if you’re normal/dry you can use more product.


If you’re still unsure, this is a complete anti-ageing product, perfect for any skin types, can be used from 25+ or if you have concerns about ageing skin & can be used twice daily.  I’ve been using two pumps (larger pump) morning & evening, sometimes with moisturiser over top but mostly on it’s own & I love it.  My skin feels extremely hydrated, plump & looks glowing.  The scent is beautiful, in my opinion, and I look forward to using it everyday, but then again I am a big fan of the Clarins scent.


Most of you will know that the Clarins Double Serum has been around for years but I don’t think you’d naturally gravitate towards Clarins if you’re in your 20’s.  Maybe you haven’t even started thinking about anti-ageing products but you should start from as young as 25.  For those of you that have been around for a while you’ll know that I’ll be 25 at the end of October so this reworked product formula couldn’t have more perfect timing.


If you’re in your twenties or early thirties and you’re starting to notice changes in your skin like dullness, lack of radiance, visible pores or slight wrinkles, you should give this a try.


Clarins Double Serum -Hydric and Lipidic System - 8th generation 2017

Clarins Sunkissed Summer Collection Bronze & Blush Compact (R560)

(Available from October)

The limited edition Summer bronzers from Clarins are always such a treat & I really do look forward to seeing what they create every year.  I don’t know how they manage to out do themselves with the packaging, design and sheer beauty of these each year.


This year for Sunkissed Summer collection everything is tropical themed and it’s just absolute beauty.  I love vibrant orange details and tropical leaf & flower prints on the packaging.  The collection packaging is just called to be a vanity-top piece – I want to display this like our grans display their ceramics.


The bronzer has three very similar warm matte shades and an iridescent coral blush and of course the embossing on the compact is exquisite, as usual.   You can choose to mix the bronze & blush together for a radiant bronze goddess look or use them separately for a more day to day look.  I prefer to use them separately if I have time to spare but I also love combining all the shades when I need to look put together, glowing & bronzy in a short amount of time.


I’ve been reaching for this non-stop since I received it and I know this will be a firm favourite in my makeup routine throughout Summer.  It delivers the perfect amount of warm that I need without looking orange or like I’ve overdone it on the bronzer.  With a classic bronzer or powder brush this places the right amount of product & is not patchy over foundation/BB/CC Cream that hasn’t been set with a powder.  I place this on my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, eyelids, forehead, chin & down my neck on very light makeup days when I want to look radiant & healthy.


If I could only have one thing from the collection it would be this & the pan is huge so you get loads of product.  I still haven’t made a dent in last years bronzer blush compact.

Clarins Summer Collection Eyeshadow Quad 2017

Clarins Sunkissed Summer Collection Quad (R525)

(Available from October)

I was both surprised and excited when I saw this palette because it’s unlike what Clarins usually creates but I love it!  I really do feel like they’re stepping out of their comfort zone & doing something trend based and perfect for Summer.


This is a signature Clarins 4-colour eyeshadow palette which features one satin cool-toned beige, two shimmers, one a champagne and the other a bronze and then something a little bit different with the burnt orange shimmer shade.


You could go for something very subtle and wearable or amp it up a bit by deepening the crease with the darkest shade and building up the orange shade.  The thing with this palette is that all the shadows are inconsistent – some are buttery and pigmented where as others are hard and don’t have much colour payoff.  I was really excited about the gold shimmer shade but it’s disappointed me because it has large glitter particles and little to no pigment to speak of.


Having said all this, someone who does very simple looks, doesn’t want to blend for days or you’d simply would like to try a foolproof warm toned eyeshadow look this might be great for you.  Once they’ve launched go to a Clarins counter, give them a swatch & see what you think 🙂

Clarins Summer Collection Eye Pencil

Clarins Sunkissed Summer Collection Copper Liner (R280)

(Available from October)

Clarins liners have always been extremely pigmented and I can appreciate the smudged tool on the other end.  I’ve come to expect good things from Clarins liners and this certainly hasn’t let me down.  In fact, I think they’ve done something new with the formula because this liner is super creamy and I’m not complaining!  I’d use this on the lower waterline if I’m going for a bronze/gold smokey eye.  Also it’s waterproof! Hello create makeup post swim!

Clarins Everlasting Compact Powder

Clarins Everlasting Compact Foundation (R510) 

(Available from September)

You guys know I’m not a matte foundation girl but I have given this a go in my own special way.  I’ve been using this when I use my MAC Face & Body Foundation because we all know it’s beautifully glowing but can make you look sweaty in areas (between the brows and around the mouth & nose).  That’s where this product has been performing well – it adds extra coverage in those areas and sets them without making me look cakey.


I think this is really going to come in handy during the summer months when there’s an extra (unwelcomed) layer of glow to my skin.  It’s not the most compact of products but it does have a mirror for touch-up’s, an applicator and the packaging is beautiful (it’s gold).


Also for those oily skinned girls that are into matte, light- medium coverage this may just be perfect for you!


You can shop Clarins online (Clarins / Foschini For Beauty) or in store at Red Square, Woolworths or Edgars.


What are you most keen for from Clarins?

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