Currently Stalking / I Covet Thee

February 7, 2015
Currently Stalking / I Covet Thee

In a very Social Media aware age, where everything we do, see and feel (as much as I hate it) is documented on the daily, no scratch that 5 times daily. We all say we don’t stalk people but let’s be honest, you don’t have to tell anyone but just between you & I – every time someone new follows you on Instagram you take a look at at least 3 months worth of their pictures.

That my friend, is stalking, but at least a mild case, let’s not take it too far…

Let me clear this up, I do the occasional Facebook/Twitter stalk, but what I’m talking about is more research driven stalking. It’s blog stalking, looking at some blogs that I love, for either the amazing images or a great piece of writing and sharing it with you!

Yup, that’s right, letting you into my personal stash of daily inspiration. I see this being a regular feature on the blog, so let me know if you like it.

I thought I’d start you off with one of my absolute favourites, I Covet Thee, even though I only just came across her blog a few months ago. She has beautiful pictures with great styling and a drool-worthy makeup collection. She also has a YouTube channel that makes me want to spend my entire salary on makeup & skincare form the UK.

Who’s your favourite blogger?


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