Estes Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge Perfume

December 27, 2015
Estes Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge Perfume

When I received the Estee Launder Modern Muse Le Rouge I did a little happy dance because I mean it’s perfume.  Also it has a Lé in it and you must already know how much I love that.  On the down side though: My birthday had just passed and my mom had already bought me perfume.  I also have the JoMalone Wood, Sage & Sea Salt fragrance so I was pretty content.  I almost didn’t feel like I had space in my heart or on my shelf for this new comer.

If you frequent these parts you’ll know that the scents I love are either musky like fig and woody or super citrus.  This perfume does not fit into either one of those categories and my initial thought was ‘average’ but this certainly has grown on me.

It has an almost sophisticated sweetness to it – it’s not sickly sweet, it’s just in the sweet spot.  The packaging is quite cute – the cap looks like a bow and I love the gold finishes.  I’ve really surprised myself by wearing this more than I wear my Alai.  The shock.

I tend to wear this during the day because I find that the scent wears really well throughout the day and I can still get a whiff of it by the end of the day.  If you’re on for sweeter, bold scents this is 100% for you.  And if you lean more in my direction of enjoying the musks, try to give this a little sniff the next time you’re in Edgars and tell me what you think – it may surprise you.

If you’re in the market for a new fragrance, this goes for R795-R1440 and you can buy it at Edgards/Red Square stores and online.

What are your favourite perfumes?

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