Kahve Skin Body Scrub Review

October 31, 2017
Kahve Skin Body Scrub Review

Introducing a new natural body scrub, Kahve Skin, manufactured in beautiful South Africa.  Kahve is Turkish for coffee, which is the the base ingredient for their body scrubs.  They currently have two variations: Coffee Cinnamon (Enliven) & Coconut Matcha (Revive) and both are made with eco-friendly ingredients.

Organic, natural body scrub - coconut matcha, coffee cinnamon

These are luxury antioxidant body scrubs that aim to revive dehydrated & tired skin as well as tighten skin while temporarily diminishing cellulite & varicose veins.  Both serve as a wonderful treat yo’self moment in the shower.


Immediately I was drawn to the Coffee Cinnamon one because, does it even need an explanation?  And I’ve had a bad experience with Matcha, mostly because it tastes like sand!   Much to my surprise though, the one I’ve used the most is the Coconut Matcha, because it smells DELICIOUS!! If matcha lattes tasted like this product smells I’m sure we’d all be much happier.  The Coconut Matcha scrub has five natural oils:  Coconut, Jojoba, African Marla, Avocado & Sunflower Oil as well as matcha powder, coconut extract & vanilla essence – does that not sound delish?

Organic, natural body scrub - coconut matcha

Both scrubs have a gritty feel but they do differ slightly texture based on their ingredients.  The Coffee Cinnamon scrub has more of a sugary scrub consistency.  While the Coconut Matcha has a lighter, more powdery consistency.


We’ve spoken about this several times, I have scales for skin and could basically be mistaken for a reptile so body scrubs are always welcomed on my desk & in my life. Having said that, I’m also really lazy when it comes to the skin on my body and anything I use needs to fit into my shower routine and sink in quickly or it’s just not happening!

Organic, natural body scrub - coffee cinnamon

The directions on their site say to massage in circular motions, let the scrub absorb for 2-5 minutes & then rise with warm water.  Because this isn’t on the packaging I’ve used these in the shower when my body is already wet, which helps it to spread easily.  This is also the easiest way to apply them without creating a mess.


Today I tried it their way and allowed both scrubs (one on each leg) to absorb for a little over five minutes and I have to say my legs feel much smoother and even, dare I say, moisturized.

Organic, natural body scrub -coffee cinnamon

The Coffee Cinnamon scrub is the more coarse of the two and serves as a great energizer scrub in the morning.  It claims to temporarily eliminate cellulite (hell yes!), varicose veins and tighten the skin – I’m going to start using this on my arms everyday!!  Unlike other scrubs my skin doesn’t feel like EVERY dam in Cape Town – bone dry!  And while I will usually apply Body Oil after my shower, I feel like if I’m having a busy morning & didn’t have time for that extra step I could still get away with having my legs out.


Overall I think these scrubs do the job, my body is feeling a lot less reptilian, they smell great in the shower, easy to use and of course the ingredients are all natural.  These make for a great gift for a friend or yourself and they look good in your cupboard (understated simple packaging) plus Summer is creeping up & I know your legs haven’t been given much attention over the last few months.


So basically I’m saying TREAT YO’SELF!  They retail for R280 for 225 grams of glorious product and you can find them here.  If you have to pick one I’d go for the Coconut Matcha – trust me, you want it!

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