Real Techniques Bold Metals

February 9, 2016
Real Techniques Bold Metals

The minute these were release I knew I had to have them because lezbihonest they’re amazing and just too beautiful to pass up.  These are a few brushes from the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection which was created as their more luxury brush line, aimed at professional makeup artists, or in my case aspiring makeup artist.

I picked these up during the Real Techniques Cyber Monday sale, which is a thing in America, that I wish would pick up in South Africa.  Essentially it’s the Monday after Black Friday and most online stores have crazy sales – much like Black Friday but you can do it from the comfort of your bed, sipping wine and avoiding people.  I didn’t even realise this was a thing until this year and that basically means I’m stocking up on everything I love on Cyber Monday this year.

Back to the brushes: This is a limited edition holiday/Christmas set of Bold Metals brushes.  Some are permanents to the collection, like the tapered blush brush and the oval shadow brush.  The brush they created specifically for this set is the large angled powder brush (gold one).

These are all incredibly beautiful and soft!  They’ve also created them to have more weight in the handle for better application.  Can you tell I love them?

I’ll put up a post soon telling you about my favourite blush and brush combo recently so look out for that!


Happy Tuesday!

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