SATURDAY Morning Simple Pancakes

March 26, 2015
SATURDAY Morning Simple Pancakes

Today, on a regular old Thursday you’re looking at the perfect Saturday blueberry pancakes/crumpets.  It’s actually a good ol’ failthful Jamie Oliver recipe, because we all know this guy works some serious magic in the kitchen.  I have three of his recipe books and whenever I google any recipe I’ll always go for the Jamie Oliver one.   This was one of those times.

Let me start with a story that begins on February 14th, more commonly known by many as Valentines Day, or dread day, for me.  So when our Valentine’s Day didn’t go as we had planned but rather we ended up getting into a stupid fight and we want to bed miserable.  Because we’re both extremely stubborn people we obviously woke up mad, but knew we were being stupid so this was my makeup Valentines Day breakfast.  Quick, easy and effortless. With a little bit of effort in the presentation you can win anyones heart.

RECIPE:  Prep time: 15mins                      Serves: 4


1 cup Self-raising flour

1 large egg

1 cup milk

Pinch of Sea salt

200g blueberries

Olive Oil for frying

4 tablespoons of yoghurt (optional)


1. Crack egg into bowl and whisk, then add flour, milk & sea salt.

2. Whisk everything together until the batter is lovely and smooth.

3. Fold blueberries into batter.

4. Put oil into medium heated pan and spread evenly.

5. One ladel of batter makes one pancake.  Fry each for 1-2 minutes until each side is golden.

6. Add some oil between batches if needed. Serve hot, with extra blueberries, maple syrup and Greek yoghurt.


Honestly, the easiest pancakes/crumpets I’ve ever made!

Perfect for the a rushed morning, the most amateur cook or even cooking with kids.

Let me know if you make these.

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Tarron De klerk June 18, 2017 - 10:05 AM

YASSSSS I love that you have all your older post still attached to your updated site.

Le'Chelle October 16, 2017 - 4:04 PM

Have you tried these?
I’ve completely forgotten about this recipe, thanks for reminding me of it!

I think I’m actually going to put up my recipe for my healthy banana pancakes! 🙂 x


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