Sneaker season

June 21, 2014

Let me start this by saying, I HATED sneakers with casual wear, especially the bulky white almost running shoes but I wear them on a regular basis, and they need to be thrown away.  Having said that, I am coming to you tail between my legs, professing my utmost love for sneakers and casual wear.  It’s pretty much all I’ve been lusting after for the last while.  I love it enough to create a board on Pinterest, to see if I could pull off the looks I’ve pinned.


And after much deliberation, I’ve chosen a pair.  And I’m not doing a funny-little-haha deliberation – ask Sean, he’s had to deal with many, “what do you think of these?”, “Look at those fun ones” and “HELP ME DECIDE!”.  People are coming up with the coolest sneaker styles now, I’m almost sure we didn’t have these back in the day, or I was just blind to anything sneakers or rather anything other than heels.  But oh how things have changed, I would much rather take comfort now, preferably with beauty, but first comfort!

Back to the shoes, these are the friends that will be mine. Everyone say Hi.  And say it nicely, I went through a lot to find these, I scoured every corner of the internet.


Here are a few idea’s of the style I’m going for.  Also for more, check out my Pinterest board.





Thoughts on this sneaker style?




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