Still Eyes Are The Window Spirit Palette

February 25, 2015
Still Eyes Are The Window Spirit Palette

Everyone say hi to my new rose-gold baby of goodness! Isn’t this packaging just a thing of beauty?  I don’t know if I’ve said it on my blog, but I am just loving anything rose-gold at the moment.  Any house decor in rose-gold, I just feel like I have to have it!  And don’t even get my started on the Zoeva rose-gold brush sets…. They somehow feature in my dreams every night.  But until I can figure out the shipping nightmare and or shocking prices for them in South Africa, they will remain a thing of dreams.

Back to the palette.  It has 12 shades, 2 matte and the rest are shimmers.  But don’t let that put you off, the colours in here are so great, I really love the selection.  This coming from a lover of nudes! Not nude people, more nude eyeshadow shades.  It has the very hyped up and talked about Stila shade that is Kitten.  And let me just say, it is as beautiful as people say it is.

The two main reasons I bought this palette are the top right maroon-y plum, cranberry shade, it’s so beautiful!  And the middle second from the top shade, it’s almost a burnt orangey, rose-gold shimmer that kind of looks like Amber Lights from MAC.  As well as some great cool and warm toned neutral shades, so it’s a real all-rounder eyeshadow palette.

These are the shades from left to right:  Kitten (shimmer), Oasis (shimmer), Wheat (shimmer), Chinois (matte), Puppy (matte) & Jezebel (shimmer).

Golightly (shimmer), Slate (shimmer), Pigalle (slight shimmer), Barefoot (shimmer), Espresso (slight shimmer) & Pewter (shimmer).

This is my first experience with Stila, and I’m so happy with it.  It took me s good 30,omitted to finally settle on this palette.  There are three other eyeshadow palettes in Stila’s 20 year anniversary sets.  They are Eyes Are The Winsow Body, which has some interesting colours, very bright, definitely not up my alley, Eye Are The Window Mind, which boasts all matte shades which I’m currently coveting but can’t justify buying right now, and lastly Eyes Are The Window Soul, which has cool toned neutral shimmer shades in it.

Just in case this has made you want to go out and buy this palette, Kalahari is having a BEAUTY SALE at the moment and you can pick this up for R321, but hurry! Seriously!  They normally sell for R495 from Woolworths, Spree and Zando.  Ps, if you get confused by the image not matching up to this on the Kalahari site, they have mixed up their pictures somehow, but you will get this palette if you order the spirit, they just have the wrong picture there.

I’ll be posting a makeup look using this palette very soon, hopefully before the end of this week, so keep a look out for that.

But until then, shop the sale and have a great day! Tell me what you buy!

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Cara Fay February 25, 2015 - 12:24 PM

it would be illegal if I didn’t comment on this, oh wow you literally making this so difficult for me to choose… c

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