My Guide to: Glowing Skin In Winter

July 5, 2016
My Guide to: Glowing Skin In Winter

If you’re new here you don’t yet know my love for a simple skincare routine that does a good job but the love is real.  I follow and love the Glossier motto of skin first, makeup second & smile always –  I don’t get the smiling right but skincare first is essential to me.

Before talking about products and highlighters to add to your makeup lets chat skincare first.  I’ve simplified my skincare down to 4 products and they’re the sole reason my skin is in such good shape – I honestly feel like my skin is the best it’s ever been.  I use the Skin Creamery Facial Hydrating Oil & Everyday Cream daily, without fail.  This combo leaves my skin feeling soft, healthy and glowing.

When it comes to makeup I like to use a glow-inducing primer and when I was sent this Catrice COSMETICS Prime & Fine Beautifying Primer three weeks ago I knew it would be a great addition to me makeup routine, if it was good that is.  Turns out I love this! It extends the wear of my makeup & gives my skin a healthy glow.

MAC Strobe Cream is an all-time favourite product of mine and I’ve spoken about it way too much but it really does deserve all the praise.  Mostly I add this to the high points of my face – cheekbones, bridge/tip of the nose, brow bone, cupids bow & inner corners of the eye.  If I want some serious glow or if you have dry skin add a dollop of Strobe Cream to your foundation.

This takes the glow a little bit too far for me but if you’re keen on some over the top Jaclyn Hill glow add a few drops of your regular facial oil to your foundation.

For glowing foundations I go for MAC Face & Body, Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation or Yardley Even Complexion Foundation but the cool thing about Strobe Cream & Facial Oil is that you can add it to any foundation.

What do you use to create that healthy glow?

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Lalannie Knoll July 11, 2016 - 1:13 PM

I’m currently loving the VITAMIN C INSTANT GLOW ENHANCER from The Body Shop. Initially didnt like it as it didnt blend well with my foundation. Now I just wear this and love the natural look.

Cindy Echardt December 12, 2016 - 2:17 PM

Hello Lechelle! Was wondering about this primer, I definitely want to purchase, but I also want to purchase a foundation, I’m thinking of the Revlon Colour Stay – do I have to use a Matt Foundation when using this primer?

Cindy Echardt December 12, 2016 - 2:19 PM

Then there is also Catrice Prime & Fine Pore Refine Anti-Shine Base..


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