Daniel Wellington

July 8, 2016
Daniel Wellington

My basic jewellery pieces, as you may have seen, consist of a hand full rings and my engagement ring – that’s as far as the jewellery wearing goes for me.  Recently someone from Daniel Wellington mailed me about giving you guys a discount code for their watches so here it is.

Since I’ve received this watch there hasn’t been a day, besides the sick-in-bed days, that I haven’t worn this watch!  I think it’s the perfect simple everyday piece that doesn’t attract too much attention but just adds a hint of sophistication to your outfit.  At least that’s what I think.

I chose the Classic Sr Mawes 36mm with the rose gold face but really when I say it was  a hard decision, I’m not kidding!  I have a bit of an odd skin tone so some tan leather looks a bit weird on me so I went for the darker option.

If you guys are looking for a new watch, or you want to buy LéBoyfriend or husband a nice new watch you should definitely check out the Daniel Wellington site.  They have many beautiful options for both men & women.  If you’re not into the larger watches or you have  small arm I’d suggest going for the 26mm.

Definitely go check out their site, even if you’re not planning on buying a watch, you’ll convince yourself that you NEED one.  When you do you can use my code (TaylorMadeDW) at the checkout to get 15% off.

If you want to see how I style this beat, check out my latest video!

Happy shopping!

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