HALLOWEEN: Stapled Face Tutorial

October 8, 2016
HALLOWEEN: Stapled Face Tutorial

I’m so excited to announce that for the month of October I’ll be doing Halloween tutorials.  Each week I’ll put up a different tutorial, all of which will be pretty simple – I want them all to still have a pretty element to them.  Not quite “I’m a mouse, duh!” but still looks like you’ve made an effort.  To kick things off I have this simple styled face.

I know most people aren’t big on Halloween in South Africa & I don’t believe in all the crap that goes along with it but I’m always keen for a dress up & a little party.  Today’s tutorial came out exactly how I had envisioned it and I hope you guys enjoy it!  my idea was to do an ‘Instagram Baddie’ kind of look and then add these huge open wounds with staples.

Let me know your thoughts on this look and if you’ll be dressing up for Halloween.


Please let me know what you guys thought of this look and if you’d like to see any specific Halloween look this month let me know!


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