Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipsticks Review

March 20, 2017
Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipsticks Review

Surely if you’re following me on any social platforms you would have seen something about the newly released Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipsticks and my immense love for them.  This is proof that if I love something I will legit shout it from every rooftop.  And by rooftop I mean social media profile.

This has basically been the only thing on my lips in my Instagram posts and videos.  Any time I post on Instagram you guys ask what lipstick I’m wearing and without a doubt it will be Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick in Stepping Out.  Like I’ve said before, I’m a creature of habit!

Okay, so like I’ve been doing quick review videos on my YouTube channel (shameless plug), and I thought it would be cool to do them on the blog too.  So here goes.

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PACKAGING:  It’s pretty simple but in the best way – it’s compact & has transparent casing, so you’re able to see the shade.  The suction is really good so you don’t get an excess of product on the doe foot applicator, which they’ve designed with a slightly pointed tip so its an absolute dream for the corners of your mouth and to create a perfectly crisp lip shape.  This completely erases the need to line or overdraw your lips before apply the liquid lipstick.

APPLICATION:  The doe foot is slightly slanted so you don’t need to contort your face or hand to get to the corners of your mouth.  The product itself has more of a mousse or whipped texture rather than a liquid which means that it applies the pigment in one swipe.  It dries down within a few seconds but not so fast that you can’t correct any mistakes.  There’s just the right amount of product on the doe foot to cover my lips completely, and they’re pretty big.

COVERAGE & FINISH:  Once it’s died down, which only takes about 10 seconds, it doesn’t really feel any different, it literally just feels like my lips.  They don’t feel cling-wrapped or tight and it doesn’t make me feel like my lips may crack if I smile.  Because my lips are on the larger side, they have quite visible lines which some liquid lipsticks accentuate but because of the creamy matte finish this doesn’t do that.  But just to clarify these do dry down to a proper proper matte, but somehow feel like nothing on my lips.

RECOMMENDATIONS:  As most liquid lipsticks do, these fade from the inside out, from eating and drinking throughout the day.  I do get a good 8-9 hours of wear and when it starts fading I just reapply to that area and it dries down to the same colour as the rest of my lips.  I’ve been wearing Miss Conduct a lot recently and I always expect dark colours to bleed/feather but it didn’t do that at all.   Also, I could wear these everyday for a week and my lips don’t feel bone-dry after removing the lipstick – in fact they’re the happiest they’ve been in a while.  All their liquid lipsticks are infused with Primer Oil so that may be why.

PERFECT FOR:  If you could care less about checking on your lipstick every 30 minutes or if you’re slightly older and cling-wrapped liquid lipsticks are not your thing but you want something long wearing, this is for you.

I love a good lipstick that doesn’t need too much effort or care and also has good colour payoff and these tick all the boxes for me.  I do hope they extended the shade range through!  If you’re going to spend your money on lipstick, get one of these!

These are R310 each, they come in 2o shades and can be found online at Woolworths, Foschini For Beauty and in store.


Ps, I’ll be doing a Smashbox Liquid Lipsticks swatch, demo & review video soon!

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