Bamboo Revolution Birthday Surprise

April 6, 2014

This past weekend I had a little birthday celebration, it was about 5 months post my actual birthday, but as they say, rather late than never.  And obviously because it was my birthday in October I received most of my gifts then.  Fortunately I did get some, and lets face it, I can’t say no to presents.  Especially when they come on the form of MAC make-up and a Bamboo Revolution watch.

I then realised not many people have heard of Bamboo Revolution, so why not shed some light on this lovely business.  They are local, to South Africa, where I live (Cape Town to be precise) and definitely lekker (nice).  They create beautifully simple and sleek watches, with bamboo faces and genuine leather straps, in different colours.  This makes them even better, each month they donate a percentage of their profits to GREEN POP.  I love companies that insure giving back is a fundamental priority.


Introducing Bamboo Revolution…







Pop over to Bamboo Revolution and get yourself one of these babies.  They’re a meagre R555, that’s nothing in watch world.


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