Real Techniques Makeup Brushes

    Real Techniques Makeup Brushes

    Real Techniques Makeup Brushes

    Well I’m not sure I can quite express how excited I am to have these babies in my makeup collection.  Real Techniques makeup brushes are the most talked about brushes overseas and on YouTube. They are good quality brushes sold in drugstores in the US & UK, and with a price that comes nowhere close to the quality you are getting. In other words it’s a bargain, and who doesn’t like a bargain?

    Downside, we can’t get them in South Africa, not without a three-month delivery time or insanely overpriced.  They do however ship to South Africa, so I casually ordered them as a birthday present to myself, here I might remind you that my birthday was in October so it took 4 months to get here!

    Enough with that stuff lets talk about my new brush babies.  The Nic’s Picks is a limited edition brush set that comes with 5 brushes: 2 face brushes & 3 eyeshadow brushes.

    The one is an oh-so-soft duo fibre face brush, great for powder foundation.  The second face brush is very similar to their Expert Face brush/Buffing Brush, this one is dense (quite compact) which means it’s great for buffing in foundation but you can also use it to contour, a great multi-tasker.

    Usually I use my MAC 217 for everything ands more, but thanks to this set I can give my 217 a bit of a break! This week I’ve tried to just use my Real Techniques makeup brushes to test them out & I haven’t felt like I’m missing anything. The set comes with an angled crease brush (which I love, so perfect for blending out shadow at the start of the brow bone), a base shadow brush (which packs on colour beautifully) & a small angled liner brush (which is dense and perfect for both eyeshadow along the lashline or gel liner).

    So definitely a set worth buying for $30!! What do you think?

    Do you have any makeup brushes that you swear by and love?

    February 5, 2015 1 comment
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