REVIEW: Clarins HydraQuench Tinted Moisturiser

    Boy Oh boy!! This product makes me happy.  Last summer I used the Woolworths tinted moisturizer and it was okay, but this, well this is a product worth some praise.  To be honest I have never made a habit of buying the more expensive skin care products for the exact reason that I love them.  They smell beautiful, like rich-girl skin, to be precise and they’re pretty much amazing, resulting in me falling in love with them and wanting to never use anything else.  Problem: they are expensive and I’m desperately trying to spend less on my credit card.  Expensive and heavenly scented skin care products like this make that exceptionally hard!  Does anybody else understand this dilemma?

    I was lucky enough that my mother felt pity on me one day and handed me her card, I then proceeded to buy the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, HydraQuench Tinted moisturizer and received that great sample pack I spoke about here, hello three/five for two.  THANKS MOM!

    This product is one that you can simply apply with your hands because its more moisturizer than coverage, so it doesn’t leave streaks across tour face when you rub it in.  The one thing I wanted from a tinted moisturizer was that it didn’t feel sticky or heavy on  my skin, I wanted it to feel like I’m not wearing anything, you know, my skin, but better!  And this product is exactly what I was looking for!  And the scent, well that’s yet another reason why I am now officially a Clarins convert.  I’m pretty sure all their products have that rich-girl skin smell.

    If you like minimal coverage, easy application, and extra moisture then this is the product for you!  Clarins is available almost everywhere, Woolworths, Edgars and Dischem – that I know of.



    Do you have any products that you absolutely love?  Or maybe something you can recommend that I try?


    December 3, 2014 0 comment
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