What’s in my Bag Flatlay

May 4, 2015
What’s in my Bag Flatlay

Let me start by saying, I’ve tried numerous times to film a ‘What’s in my bag’ video but there’s always too much rambling, awkward moments out its just to long and boring!  I don’t have time to watch boring videos let along make them!

So this is my simplified version of a What’s in my Bag video where I basically haul our all the crap in my bag and show it to you, except mine is in a flatlay.

What the heck is a flatlay?

It’s when you lay all your fun things out in a cool pattern and take the picture or in this case the video from a Birdseye angle! Cough, that’s for you mom!


Please let me know your thoughts, good or bad…

Anything you’d like to see? Pop me a comment on the video or on this post!


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