My Winter Stripes Collection

April 28, 2015
My Winter Stripes Collection

Lately I’ve been weirdly obsessed with stripe tops so much so that I bought six!! Yes, you read right, six.  It looks like a bit much but when you’re trying to simplify your wardrobe to mainly black, white and grey with just maybe a hint of colour here and there it’s not that bad! My Winter stripes have taken over an entire shelf in my wardrobe…

The two on either ends of the top row are Pick’n’Pay Clothing and were only R79 each! Anything good under R100 is going into the basket! They’re both long sleeved, super comfy and soft.  Definitely a good basic for Autumn/Winter if you’re going the monochrome/minimal colour route!

Middle, bottom row is a good ol’ Woolworths sale find!  With it being a sale item it was the last one so I grabbed it without looking at the size but I quite like that it’s a bit more loose!  It was also under R100, it was R75 to be exact!
The rest are Cotton On because they were the only store that had what I wanted but not for like R400 a top, which is ridiculous for basics!  And that’s exactly what I’m going for monochrome basics and simplicity!

Ps, Look out in the next two weeks for my style video that should be going up on the 10th of May which will feature all of these and a few extra’s!
Have a great three day week!


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