Home Office Styling: Part 1

February 27, 2015
Home Office Styling: Part 1

If you saw my post yesterday you would have seen a snipit of my new desk, which I’ve been so excited about but haven’t shared yet.  Well here it is friends, my new home office space.  I bought this desk off Gumtree for R250 and this tressle table is HUGE.  It’s not perfect but I kind of like it that way so I didn’t repainted it or fix the chipped bits, it has a little life, the way I like it.

This is it plain and simple just after I hauled everything off it because I didn’t take a ‘before’ picture.  I love styling it but I do also want to have a fairly clean open space to work.  I wanted to create an inspiring space that gives me great ideas but dosen’t clutter up my brain when I look at it.

I styled it two ways and this is the first, very green and white with a few rose gold/ copper accents.  Let me know what you think and be sure to click back tomorrow when I show you what my desk looks like now.

I bought these things over maybe a month, bit by bit and all of these decor bits cost less than R100. 

Mr Price: Copper/rose gold bits, porcelain pineapple and white picture frame.

Country Road: Candle.

Typo: Monogram mug.

Vintage: stationery basket, wooden picture frame and wooden hand.


Check back tomorrow to see the desk styling I decided on and still love.

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Wardah da Costa April 11, 2016 - 6:47 PM

Hi, love your blog!

I have been looking for a desk on gumtree, no luck :(. Love yours!


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