June 14, 2017

By now you all know that I’ve done my fair share of secondhand shopping, in fact, my sister and I bought all our furniture and house things from secondhand stores when we first moved out.  Being poor teens just out of high school that was pretty much all we could afford.  That and two-minute noodles.

Almost 7 years later, I still love shopping around for a good bargain but am also more than happy to invest where I need to.  Nowadays I have less time on my hands and to be honest I’m lazier so I don’t want to spend my Saturday mornings traipsing to secondhand stores and this is where Gumtree has been amazing!

Sean actually calls me the Gumtree Queen and our friends have started asking me to find specific things for them on Gumtree.  I love Gumtree because I can search for things while at home on my comfy couch watching series with my husband.

So just before the wedding Gumtree gave me a budget and asked me to find a few items from their fashion/lifestyle section to share with you guys.  I took the opportunity to get a few things for Sean, for the house and for myself so there’s a good mix here.

himalayan rock salt lamp cape town

HOME:  I actually only bought one thing for the house but am still eyeing the Malawian armchairs.  My sister has been telling me how Himalayan Rocksalt lamps are really good for allergies and I’m the allergy ridden person so I took this opportunity to get one.  Another plus is that they’re beautiful!  I found a women in Simon’s Town that sells them – I responded to her ad, did the payment and collected, all within 2 days!  It was super simple and much more affordable than in normal retail stores.

FASHION:  I’ve been eyeing the Adidas Gazelle’s online but they never have my size (the most common size 5) and it turns out someone bought these overseas in the incorrect size and obviously can’t return them so she sold these unworn cream Gazelles to me. What a WIN!

This was a super cool find – someone was having a closet clear-out and was selling a few lightly worn items and I picked up a Cotton On denim jacket & grey winter scarf.

ladies mens digital casio watch

ACCESSORIES:  I found a guy out in Blouberg who was selling a Casio watch and I thought this would be a nice simple wedding gift for Sean so I eft’s the cash to him and paid a little extra for him to deliver it to my house.  This made the whole process so much easier and I didn’t have to leave my house at all.

I didn’t buy my Canon G7x on Gumtree because it was still too new when I was looking into it but there are loads on Gumtree at the moment so if you’re wanting to give vlogging a go, this is a good camera to start with.

BEAUTY:  This is something I didn’t think I would find on Gumtree but I was pleasantly surprised.  I’ve been wanting to try those blackhead clearing masks and I found a lady on Gumtree that sells them in Johannesburg.  She simply couriered the mask to me and that was that – it’s just too easy!


I’ve bought tons of homeware and camera things from Gumtree over the years and so it was fun browsing their fashion and lifestyle sections for this collaboration.  So if you’re in the market for something secondhand, lightly used or sometimes new check out the Gumtree Fashion page.

Have you found any really cool secondhand gems?


*Sponsored by Gumtree.

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