Decor Haul

February 21, 2016
Decor Haul

My favourite videos are apartment tours and decor hauls – probably because that’s all I’m into recently.  I’ve been on a crazy home phase where I troll Pinterest for the perfect lounge arrangement and constantly move things around in my apartment to find the best spot.

Something I’ve always remembered wanting was a beautiful home filled with the people I love, delicious food and all the laughter.  I’ve been out of my mothers house since my first year out of school and we’ve (my sister & I) stayed in some real dumps over the years.  The apartment I’m in now is by far my favourite place to be.  It’s such a lovely apartment which gets light throughout the day, large windows, and big living spaces.

With all this raw potential, many great ideas and limited budget I pick up a few things every now and then which I thought I’d show you because well why the hell not.  I hope you enjoy this – please let me know what you think?



Feel free to let me know your thoughts on this new kind of video, I’d love to do more of this!

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