June 7, 2017

As I said in yesterdays post, we’ve spent loads of time in these recent few weeks repairing, painting and reorganising the apartment.  I’ve lived in this apartment for about 3 years and we cleared out boxes & boxes of ugly crap that I’ve had since I moved out when I was 18.  So the place is feeling so much less cluttered but that means we get to redecorate.

Over the last two weeks I’ve spent a lot of time scrolling through Pinterest getting ideas for the apartment and I feel like I’m bursting at the seams with beautiful interiors, which I have to share with you guys.  I’ve compiled a few of my favourite home accessories.

homeware trends 2017 - cacti and baskets, planters, wool hangings, beni ourain rug dupe

  1. INDOOR PLANTS:  This has been a long time obsession for me, and if you’ve seen glimpse of our home on InstaStories you know that our apartment is filled with Delicious Monsters, cacti succulents.   I find that plants make the space look more like a home and greenery doesn’t really feel like a colour to me.
  2. SOFT RUGS:  My style has changed over the last little while and I’ve been leaning towards neutral tones, more textured and simple patterns.  Rugs just add an extra layer of comfort and fullness with minimal cost (depending on your choice) – Mr Price and @Home have a few wonderful options at the moment.
  3. PLANTERS & BELLY BASKETS:  We went to a little market down the road last weekend and picked up a few metal planters which have made all the difference to our lounge.  It’s something I’ve seen cropping up in stores and online and I really love this trend.  I also found a few baskets at the second hand store so if you’re on a budget, just shop around.
  4. TEXTURED WOOL ITEMS:  I’ve seen a few woven wool items that I like but at the same time I think most people would think they’re ugly.  For the most part, up until recently these were viewed as kind of an old lady thing but I personally love woven cushions or wall hangings. once you see them in a more model home you may be converted too.



Often I fall in love with homeware trends and items before they hit retail stores in South Africa and by the time they do everyone wants them.  So I’ve found a few options for these trends that you can get your hands on in S.A.  The only exception being the wool woven items.

Shop homeware trends - south africa - belly basket, beni ourain rug dupe,planters

Indoor plants can found at your local nursery like Stodels or Starke Ayres.  But sometimes you’re just not sure which are the best indoor plants that are resilient and can manage not being watered for over a week.  So I thought I’d give you a quick lowdown on my favourite indoor plants.  I’ll be compiling a bigger list with pictures later but for now this will do.  My absolute favourite are the Delicious Monsters, any cacti/succulents that you can get your hands on, Mother in-laws tongue, Fiddle Leaf Figs, Pothos & String of Pearls.

Soft rugs, like the Beni Ourain kind of rugs, but obviously cheaper are a lot harder to find.  Ben Ourain style rugs are usually pretty pricey, so if you have the cash to invest, I say do it.  Simply Home has one dupe but that’s definitely one for if you have a bit more to spend.  But if you’re a regular pleb like me, then Mr Price has a very similar option.  It’s more of a crisp white than I’d like but hopefully overtime it will be a bit more cream in colour.  Thank me later.

Planters & belly baskets  are readily available at stores like Mr Price and H&M for quite a steep price in my opinion.  So if you’re on a budget, with not time restraints, shop around at second hand stores for both.  I picked up two large metal planters for under R150 (for both).  There are also some nice local suppliers like Mono Shop, Simply Home & Fable Lifestyle.


What are your favourite homeware trends at the moment?  Also let me know if you guys want to see more home decor posts.

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Tarron June 7, 2017 - 8:55 PM

Yay ! Love the fresh look. Happy to be growing with you. I am trying to keep up with you on Insta . Fudge I cant ! I have missed out on so much from your insta stories but have no fear I am not that bumped out cause you doing home decor on your site . This has me cray cray! MORE HOME STUFFIES Congratulations on being your own boss though . Internet hugs to your mom,chrissy and the hubby #taylormadeclub

Le'Chelle October 16, 2017 - 3:54 PM

Thank you so much!!! I’m so glad you love the new look!

Home stuff honestly makes me so happy and I’m so glad you love it as much as I do!!! 🙂
You’re so sweet! Thanks for the wonderful comment! 🙂 x


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