Home Decor Haul / Mr Price & Woolworths

February 11, 2015
Home Decor Haul / Mr Price & Woolworths

The start of a new year brings with it a need to organize & rearrange. Weather it be fiends, work, hobbies, your home or fitness, everything gets reevaluated in the new year. For me, the biggest things that needed to happen were sorting out my apartment, start studying, and of course get fit! Yes, I am one of the few thousands that join the gym in Jan/Feb, I’m working on research for studying and now down to the fun part, home stuff.

In the beginning of January I tackled our guest room, which was basically just a storage room, and boy did we have lots of crap in there! I sold a lot on Gumtree, gave away some things and have planned a few DIY bits. Blog post to come on the guest room, but it’s a definite work-in-progress.

I have bought some new bits for the house though,so I thought I would share those with you!


The photo frame I bought on sale at Mr Price for a meager price of R50. And it fits perfectly in my bedroom, because it’s monochrome. YAY SALE! And the picture is a Nift250 print of L├ęBoyfriend, isn’t he lovely!

The wooden hand was from a random Chinese shop in Blue Route Mall. I’ve been searching for cheaper versions of the mannequins and the hands, and hadn’t found one until this.

I love air plants because it’s much harder to kill them, so when I saw a few different types of these plants and smaller glass containers I had to have them. I’ve actually bought two, but the one fell off my windowsill and sadly the glass is no more. I just really love how simple they are. You can get these at Woolworths for between R70-R200.

Are there any things that you’ve felt the need to change/organize/rearrange since the beginning of the year?

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